The Essential Guide to Choosing the Best Intranet CMS

Most companies use intranets. It may not have a precise structure and is often a simple internal private network cobbled together using everyday communication and collaboration tools such as Gmail, Slack, and a CRM system.

But, for ambitious companies looking to improve employee experience and engagement and enhance overall productivity, a purpose-built intranet CMS (content management system) works much better than a patchwork intranet.

In addition, remote and hybrid working environments create new challenges for organizations. According to a survey by Global Workplace Analytics, 57% of employees who returned to the office after the pandemic say they prefer working from home full time. 

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In this new normal, it is imperative that organizations provide staff with an internal communication and collaboration system that is easy to use, delivers a wide range of tools, and ensures employees can access company resources from anywhere at any time.



What is an intranet CMS, and why is it important?

An intranet CMS is a type of content management system used for enterprises. It provides a website and intranet that employees can use to quickly find company-specific information and content that is needed for business purposes, such as reports, presentations, documents, calendars, and more.

A CMS intranet is essential because it gives companies the ability to maximize productivity through efficiently disseminating information. In addition, it eliminates the risks of sensitive data being leaked externally via email or other public platforms. Last but not least, an intranet provides a platform for staff engagement with features such as internal social media-style networking, blogs and messaging systems.

This article will look at 11 must-have features for you to get the most out of your company CMS intranet.

An intuitive user interface

An intranet content management system is a complex piece of software, and employees need to navigate their way around the system with ease. A content management system with an unintuitive interface makes finding specific resources difficult, which leads to frustrating mistakes and lost productivity.

A simple-to-use intranet CMS solution that is easy to access through any device or browser is a must-have feature. It eliminates the risk of staff wasting valuable time simply navigating and finding information.


Claromentis users get an intuitive and easy-to-use intranet interface as standard

Easy installation 

The installation process should be quick and seamless so staff can begin using the CMS intranet solution immediately without waiting weeks for IT teams to set up new servers or download updates. 

You shouldn’t need the whole IT department or technical expertise to install an employee intranet CMS. Setting it up should be pretty straightforward. In reality, many of today’s intranets are cloud-based and don’t require physical installation. Users go to the intranet’s URL and log in using their credentials.


It goes without saying that all information within the CMS, including documents and other sensitive data, must be secure. Complete security must be ensured with HTTPS access so employees can log in from any location using their private login credentials. 

An added layer of protection should also be provided by two-factor authentication, requiring staff to verify their identity through a one-time passcode sent via an SMS text message or email before accessing the intranet.

Social engagement features

Media sharing options are an excellent way for employees to share content easily amongst themselves, while discussion forums encourage further engagement with important topics for business purposes. 



Productivity tools 

The best CMS intranet comes with productivity tools such as file management systems, task managers, calendars, and other resources that will help your staff get the job done.

Information management tools 

Tools for tracking, organizing, and monitoring information are crucial for keeping intranet data organized. Filtering options and advanced search functions are also useful to cut through unnecessary clutter so employees can focus on the most important content only. 


Claromentis includes loads of information management features, including a version-controlled documents library (above)

People management tools

An intranet is a great platform for managing company information about department heads, team members, consultants, guest speakers, vendors, and more, which ties into employee engagement tools that encourage social sharing among peers. 

For example, if an employee wants to find out more about another person in the organization, they can look them up via their name or email address within the intranet CMS’s internal search function rather than relying on outdated contact directories.

Device compatibility

Different employees will definitely use different devices to access the intranet CMS. A platform compatible with all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and more is an absolute must-have feature because it allows all staff members to access company resources. Your intranet CMS must also work well across different browsers.

Analytics integration

Intranet analytics tools are essential for understanding how your employees use the CMS, allowing you to make practical changes that drive engagement. By monitoring where traffic is coming from, popular resources, user behavior patterns, and more, you can guarantee that your intranet is constantly evolving to meet business goals. 

Regular updates

Employees expect their CMS intranet platform to offer them the latest features to keep them engaged with company resources at all times. The last thing you want is for users to find out about new features on social media before they’re introduced through the intranet.

Integration with other popular applications 

Intranets are not just content repositories – they’re also used for communication, collaboration, document management, social awareness, and more. That’s why you must have the capacity to integrate your CMS with other widely used applications to offer a full suite of features to users across the organization.

Getting started with CMS intranet

An intranet CMS provides your business with an excellent platform for managing all kinds of critical information shared among employees in a digital workplace. By streamlining knowledge management and encouraging engagement by its very nature, the CMS intranet is the perfect tool for promoting productivity within your company. 

And when you consider that the intranet software market is projected to exceed $36 billion in 2027, up from $12.79 billion in 2019 according to Verified Market Research, it’s certainly worth exploring whether CMS intranet solutions could benefit your business too.



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