[New Version] Claromentis Beacon: Talk the Talk With Our New Communication App

Cave paintings; hieroglyphics; lighting fires; the telephone; email; and now the Claromentis Communication app. You heard it here first, folks: our new intranet Communication tool is going to make it into communications history!

Joking aside, we’re so excited by the latest release of our digital workplace software, called Claromentis Beacon. Named after Ditchling Beacon, a Brighton landmark that was historically used to communicate warnings about impending invasions, Claromentis Beacon includes as its flagship feature the aforementioned Communication app. It’s actually not technically “new”, but it is a mighty improvement to a tool that will transform how you talk to people within your company intranet software. Here’s what you need to know:

Flagship feature: Intranet Communication app

Brand new look

We’ve taken the best bits of the messaging apps you use every day (think WhatsApp and iMessage), added our own brand of Claromentis design magic, and landed a Communication app that’s slick, clean, and modern.

Claromentis communication app showing message thread between staff

Group chats

Talk with multiple coworkers at the same time with our built-in group chat feature, which automatically combines messages into one thread. When a new message is sent, everyone in the group will be notified, and a rush to be the first to reply ensues.

Claromentis Communication message threads and users

Share files, links, and images

Our Communication app isn’t just for talking. It’s for collaborating too. You can post internal files, external links, and images with every message – so it’s a super quick and easy way of sharing data.


Add emojis and format text

If you’re not using emojis in your messages, where have you been? 😱 Thankfully you can start now, as our Communication app includes built-in emoji support. You can also format text styling within our rich-text editor to give your messages that extra edge.

Claromentis Communication app rich-text editor

Start a conversation in one click

You can start a conversation from any notification that you receive, prompting a pre-populated message that references the original notification topic. Pretty handy if you need to send quick and direct feedback to your coworkers.


The best of the rest

The latest version of our software also includes loads of extra improvements, small and mighty new intranet builder features, and of course tens of bug fixes.

Admin scripts

We’ve created a dedicated area for your administrators to add third-party scripts, such as Google Analytics tracking, to your intranet.


6 grid layout

Optimise the space on your intranet with our new 6 grid layout option, which allows you to add more intranet widgets and tools width-wise as well as lengthwise – perfect for larger computer monitors.

Claromentis 4-grid vs 6-grid intranet layout

4 grid intranet layout (top) vs 6 grid layout (bottom)

Page frame

Give your intranet a different look with our new “page frame” feature, which encapsulates all intranet widgets into a neat and tidy frame.

Claromentis homepage with page frame layout

More information

Click the link to download the full Claromentis Beacon release notes. Have any questions about our new features? Book a personal demo with us to get a full tour of our digital workplace!

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