3 New Intranet Components for Your Digital Workplace

Claromentis intranets and digital workplaces continue to grow in scope. In fact, just recently, our teams have worked hard to expand our digital workplace solutions to include three new intranet components. 

Here’s a quick summary of these new components, and how they will help aid your own digital transformation: 




Our new intranet components for your digital workplace

Anniversary/birthday intranet component

The anniversary/birthday intranet component allows you to display upcoming employee birthdays and work anniversaries. 

This will aid your employee engagement strategy by celebrating your employees’ milestones. It will also improve the employee experience with your intranet, turning it into an interactive digital workplace that delivers more than just information management tools.

File review intranet component

The file review component gives you at-a-glance insights into which documents are in need of updating.

The major advantage of this component is how configurable it is; you can show due dates to all staff, or just the owner of the document, to make it really clear when something is overdue for review. This is an effective digital workplace tool that will improve employee productivity and information accuracy.

RSS reader intranet component

The RSS reader intranet component makes reading news or events easy, be it from an external source or using your own internal RSS feed.

This handy digital tool allows two modes of reading: one is a fixed feed experience – designed for when you want a feed readable but not editable; the second makes use of custom metadata, allowing your end user to configure where the news is coming from, so that the intranet component is always personal to them.


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