Integrating Project Management Software Into Your Intranet

Whatever kind of business you are in, be it a small recruiting agency or a large national bank, there is always going to be a need for managing company projects. Projects can vary immensely according to the type of business, but can also differ within the company itself, ranging from short and swift tasks to long term developments. Regardless of the project, there needs to be an efficient way to manage them effectively.

Why should you integrate project management into your intranet?

Managing projects can be troublesome; it can be difficult to schedule the required resources and gather the appropriate information, and even more challenging to tie it all together in one neat package. This is where third party software often comes in, where companies will utilise additional software to manage their projects.

However, this isn’t necessarily the ideal solution; there are a countless number of project management solutions out there, and finding one that works for your business is only the first hurdle. This intermediary software is standalone and isn’t integrated with existing processes; it is potentially just another area that could be forgotten about, especially if it requires additional logins and dedicated resources to even facilitate it. This could in turn create more problems than it solves.

With this in mind, wouldn’t it be great to incorporate a project management solution into your existing intranet? This is exactly what we thought, and why we are adding a project management module to our roadmap.

Our vision is to create a fully comprehensive project management application that exists within your current digital workspace, where the relevant information and resources are already in place. This means there would be no initial time-consuming configuration. Furthermore, with the use of existing permissions within your intranet, the relevant people would have access to the relevant projects, avoiding the need to restrict access within another separate system.

Making the most out of existing information

In terms of information management, assets would already be stored within your intranet, within core applications such as our Documents Management System, our Content Management System Publish, and our Digital Assets Management module. This information can also be version controlled using existing functionality, meaning that changes are audited and kept up-to-date.

Furthermore, by implementing different visual interfaces for each of the resources needed for the project, this means they would automatically be provided with the relevant information, therefore meeting the differing needs and expectations of each team.

So by combining a project management solution into your existing intranet and integrating with established processes, this would save a lot of time and puts the focus back on what really matters; managing projects efficiently.

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