How to Build a Remote Onboarding Experience for New Hires

Global hiring rates took a huge hit during the first couple of months of lockdown, according to data released by LinkedIn. But since the beginning of June, things are looking up. The same research by LinkedIn, which has been closely following hiring trends throughout the pandemic, shows that businesses are starting to recruit again.

But with many workers still having to avoid the office and work from home, businesses who want to hire again are faced with a new challenge – how do they onboard new recruits without actually meeting them in person?

Businesses need look no further than the digital workplace tools they’ve been using every day to welcome new hires to their organisation.

Onboard remote staff with the tools you know and use

Intranet software tools, collaboration areas, and video conferencing are likely embedded into your organisation already, helping your newly dispersed teams work together from afar. These familiar tools can be used to create a remote onboarding experience for your new hires, helping them feel welcomed and connected to your company even when you can’t meet face-to-face.

Here are 3 ways to use your digital workplace to onboard new hires remotely:

Create a ‘welcome’ page

It’s always best practice to create a ‘welcome’ page on your intranet for new recruits, whether they’re remote or not. These pages should be packed full of useful information such as working hours, emergency contact details, and company policies. But right now, an engaging ‘welcome’ page is especially important, as it will help new starters learn the ropes, see who’s who, and get to grips with how the company operates from their home office.

Include essential information such as company news, mandatory policies, and a list of who’s in their team on your new starter’s page. Most importantly, make sure you include social tools – such as collaboration areas, thank you widgets, and links to virtual social events – to engage new hires and make them feel part of your company culture from day one.

Gamify induction training

Thankfully, the days when the induction process was all paperwork and no fun are long gone!

Make the induction process more engaging by turning essential training, such as health & safety procedures and how to book vacation, into gamified e-learning courses.

Create interactive quizzes to test your new hire’s knowledge and keep track of their progress, and award them with intranet badges when they successfully complete their induction training.

Host a virtual meet and greet

Here at Claromentis, it’s tradition to welcome our new hires with a team lunch during their first week. It gives everyone the opportunity to say ‘hello’ and get to know each other in a casual setting.

Whatever you usually do to greet your new staff, replicate the experience virtually via video call. You could host a digital coffee morning, a quiz on Friday afternoon, or even a video game night. Think creatively and make sure to use your intranet calendar to organise the event, and shout about it on your news feed to generate engagement.

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