How the Digital Workplace Can Help Marketing Teams Offer More Value

How the Digital Workplace Can Help Marketing Teams Offer More Value | Claromentis

Marketing teams are under constant pressure to ensure their activities are leading to growth within the business. Their task is challenging: they don’t just have to produce content, but also feed prospects collected from campaigns into the sales team.

There is a lot of work to do for the marketing team and sometimes several campaigns can be in varied states of readiness. This can make work complicated and it isn’t any easier if those involved in campaigns aren’t working in the same location. When loads of emails fly between correspondents, the chances of one being missed is high and this can delay marketing projects.

This is where a digital workplace can help your organisation to streamline your marketing processes. With the right intranet software, you can help marketing departments perform better and be even more valuable to your business’ operations. Here is how the digital workplace can help them.

1. Communication is all in one place

One of the big problems with today’s modern working environment is that workers can be in various locations. With remote working options to be used by about half of all workers by 2020, keeping in contact can be a minefield. That is why the digital workplace is so beneficial.

Having emails flying backwards and forwards is a waste of time and increases the chances of inaccuracies. Instead, project folders, documents and other items can be created that interested parties can edit, adjust and comment on without the need for opening emails.

This can help you to speed up responses on content creation processes that help the marketing team deliver marketing projects on time. It also means that the views of one member of the team aren’t forgotten or missed in a long email conversation.

Rather than send emails back and forth, use a digital workplace to keep your communications in a single location

2. Content can be backed up to prevent loss

When you’re using a digital workplace and intranet software you can backup all of the work to prevent it from being lost. Losing documents can be very costly to businesses. Two of the most common reasons why documents are lost is because of system failure (67%) or human error (14%). The digital workplace minimises the impact of these two functions.

If a document is lost, intranet software offers backups that reduce the loss to the business. This can be a particular life-saver for marketing departments as it reduces the delay and disruption that a lost document can cause ensuring deadlines even when complications in the processes arise.

Digital workplace software automatically backs up your documents, so you don’t need to worry about losing them!

3. Work can be shared outside of the marketing department with ease

Sometimes those that are outside of the marketing department might need access to the work that is ongoing. Business leaders are the obvious people to include in the marketing conversations, but they often don’t need countless emails to read with every interaction. Instead, they should be able to log into the system to see the current report or queries whenever they need to/want to check-up.

Another department that might need to check on the work of the marketing team is the sales team. They need to know what offers are currently ongoing and being provided. This information is crucial in helping them to promote products to customers and ensuring they are aligned. If sales teams can see the content being developed, they can use this to adjust their pitches and develop a better, more efficient sales process.

4. Integration with marketing tools

So many marketing departments now need to be integrated with many third-party apps to promote the business. This includes social media platforms, blogs and other third-party software. Most digital workplaces allow access to these platforms without the user needing to log off. At the same time, content can be created on these platforms that can be authorised by someone more senior in the department.

Integration with marketing tools also means that only one account is needed for the department and workers can see when tasks have been completed. This prevents lost time from two members of the team completing the same task twice.

Another key benefit is that marketing team members can be more responsive to comments on third-party apps, like social media. When customers expect responses within hours, a digital workplace can be used to notify logged in users of brand mentions on social networks for the team to respond to. This little exercise can help brands to build a better relationship with customers.

Integrate your brand’s social media feeds into your digital workplace, so you can monitor engagement without having to access other systems

5. Saving costs and increasing productivity

With the amount of time savings that can be made with the digital workplace, marketing teams can cut costs. This allows them to put more investment (in terms of time and money) into producing better campaigns to offer the brand more exposure. As the brand receives greater levels of exposure, more customers will be acquired and the marketing team will earn the company higher levels of revenue. As a result, a digital workplace for the marketing team will offer the company growth.

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