How Claromentis 8 Completes the Digital Workplace

2016 is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting year for us with the upcoming release of Claromentis 8, our latest software evolution in the digital workplace revolution. Claromentis 8 is perhaps the biggest milestone of our 18 year history, where we make the significant departure from intranet software to a digital workplace.

Claromentis 8 focuses on what we believe are four key areas of allowing people to work effectively, ensuring they can focus on being engaged, productive, collaborative, and dedicated, instead of being held back due to old ways of working. No longer will employees be constrained to emails, inflexible meetings, or even the office! The Claromentis 8 digital workplace provides freedom to work on the go, learn new things, enhance your career, and tackle tasks efficiently; all within one integrated platform.

We have listened to the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace, and an intranet portal is no longer enough to facilitate productive working on its own, and it’s with that in mind that we make the transformation from providing traditional intranets to modern digital workplaces.

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Claromentis 8 brings together four integrated platforms which create a unified digital workplace:

The Intranet Platform – Lets you collaborate.

The Business Process Management Platform – Lets you work smarter.

The Learning Management Platform – Lets you learn and enhance your career.

The Project Management Platform – Lets you act on tasks and get the job done.

Our teams have dedicated their time to improving each quarter of our digital workplace, and with the unveiling of Claromentis 8 getting closer and closer, we are excited to reveal what’s in store!

One thing that we can divulge is how our Intranet Platform is making the jump from a static intranet portal to a social and collaborative intranet, with focus on bringing social networking to the forefront. Our popular News and Blogs modules will now combine features from our corporate social networking app, Innovate, where users can like articles, tag colleagues, and receive notifications about the latest updates, harvesting a more social and collaborative working environment. Not only that, users can now connect their social media accounts with their intranet, making for a truly integrated experience.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming release of Claromentis 8! Make sure you keep an eye on our blogs to discover what new features and functionality Claromentis 8 will bring.

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