The 5 Step Guide to Happy Client Onboarding

At Claromentis we of course use our own products across the company.  We depend on them – just as our customers do. In particular we use Business Process Manager to manage processes across many departments and functional areas.

One of the most critical is a process that originates in the sales or professional services team whenever we have a new piece of work that has been approved and now needs to be executed efficiently.

Any company cares about revenue – and the task of bringing on a new customer in a professional and well managed way is particularly important. Our clients are our most valuable asset and their first onboarding experiences as they transition from pre-sales to professional services and support is very important.

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The process starts by the sales team or the account manager completing the first stages of the process. A simple form is submitted that describes the work, has integrated views of supporting documentation and quotations, and selects the appropriate workflow depending on the type of work.


Based on the workflow selected the appropriate team are notified and individuals are assigned as project managers, lead developers, service managers or lead designers.

New sections allow further detail and relevant data to be provided as the new customer moves through the various stages of the workflow.


At the appropriate milestones the accounts team is notified and all the relevant data of line items, amounts, descriptors and nominal ledger codes are automatically passed to them to ensure accuracy. The relevant invoices are also stored as part of the process.

Service Level Agreements

Although of course the customer is free to take their time when providing material and answers – our own staff are subject to business timers ( SLAs ) while the project continues. This assures that stages such as mock-ups, design builds and training – for example – are provided within a reasonable and agreed timeframe.

Views and Reports

The various Claromentis staff members have excellent and productive views of all of the projects in progress – they can filter – search and sort – look for alerts on timing – in short they have a complete summary view of all of our new clients as they move through the process.


The critical process of welcoming new clients and managing their projects is successfully implemented using Claromentis Business Process Manager. This gives the company much more control over such an important part of our revenue generation – a critical area for any business.

[FREE GUIDE] How To Use Technology To Make Your Business More Human

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