Claromentis Voted Capterra’s “Best Value” Intranet Software by Customers

Claromentis customers have voted us “Best Value” on software comparison website Capterra.

Capterra is a leading software comparison website with 3 million visitors a month and 325,000 vetted reviews, and is the place to go when deciding what business software to purchase for your organisation.

We pride ourselves on providing engaging intranet software that ticks all the boxes, and delivering it to businesses at a reasonable price. So we’re thrilled to have been hand-selected from hundreds of software competitors to achieve Capterra’s “Best Value” award.

Receiving this award is no easy task. Capterra’s selection criteria is based on the number of customer reviews received and how many of those have a rating of 4.5/5 and above. Our customers have consistently endorsed us for being good value for money in their reviews, and we’re delighted to be formally recognised for this.

Why comparison websites matter

Comparison websites are vital for people looking for a product or service, because it gives them the reassurance that what they’re spending their money on is worth it. Making a buying decision blindly, without any research or recommendations, is unusual these days, with reporting that in 2017, 77% of people read reviews before they bought anything online.

Business software in particular can be expensive, with companies either having to make a huge one-off purchase for a software license, or signing up to a long contract with monthly payments at a premium. It’s no wonder then that software comparison websites are crucial to helping people make informed buying decisions.

Capterra’s award shows that Claromentis stands out from the rest and provides great software at a great price.

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