Benefits of a Corporate Social Network

There are many benefits of investing in an internal, corporate social network, from increased employee engagement to improved inter-departmental communications. If you work in HR or Marketing, a part of your role will probably already require you to implement strategies focusing on improving internal relations. By investing in an internal social network, you will empower and encourage your colleagues throughout your business to take ownership of communicating with each other. More open internal communications can lead to greater productivity and a clearer shared goal to work to meet company objectives. Below we’ve listed some of the key benefits of implementing an internal social network.

Supports onboarding

As new employees join the business, they are no longer left unsure of who to talk to to provide the information they need as they start their new role. Internal social networking software has inbuilt chat functions and forums to allow questions to be posed and answered by different people throughout the business. It also relieves departments such as HR and the new starter’s line manager from having a lengthy onboarding process with many questions, which can be answered through the internal social network site. Use the platform as a place to store FAQ’s for new starters too, which will help the person to feel they’re not the first person to ask the question and feel reassured they can quickly and easily find the information they need.

Hub for knowledge

At times, staff will move on from a business. It’s inevitable, and with them, they’ll take knowledge and experience which the person replacing them in their role will never fully get passed on. Using your internal social network as a place for employees to store and share information is a fantastic way to drive innovation and expertise throughout the business. Intranet forums can also be a great place for inter-departmental problem-solving. Bringing people together who wouldn’t often come together to share ideas and solutions can lead to even greater efficiencies and ultimately improved customer relations.

Unsung heroes

Internal social networking allows superstars throughout the business to shine, from apprentice to executive level. Giving employees the opportunity to share links, TED talks, thought pieces and interesting training videos is an incredible way to share talent and best practice internally. It also gives staff the opportunity to raise their profile internally as they show enthusiasm for their role and the company above their everyday activity. It’s a fantastic way for people throughout the business to share something with their other colleagues, helping everyone in the business feel that they are equally valued, which can be fantastic for employee moral.

Live your values

It is proven that businesses who have a clear purpose and values are more successful than those who don’t. A company purpose and clear values statement helps to create a strong internal identity for people to embody and develop. Your internal social network is a fantastic place to display and promote your company purpose and values statements so that every day your employees are given an opportunity to engage with the key things that drive your business. Your internal social network also gives your team the opportunity to share examples of colleagues throughout the business, who embody the values or examples when they’ve been used to help the company grow. Celebrating success is a great way to encourage increased involvement in the goals of the business.

Expand your geographies

A corporate social network offers you the opportunity to integrate and share information with a global team, advancing developments in product and service development. Being able to share developments with a global team can increase your chances of gaining market share, helping you to beat your competition. It also helps you to integrate international expertise from people local to the geographies they’re working, who can offer input and advice on cultural and social differences.

Internal research

Investing in a corporate social networking site gives you the opportunity to create internal focus groups to discuss and develop ideas. Much like an online crowdsourcing venture, you can access opinions, experiences and ideas from a broad cross-section of your employees in a structured environment. You can trial new strategies, proposals and working practices – gaining feedback directly from the people who would be impacted by developments. It’s an opportunity for your teams to give feedback to the leadership of the business too in a constructive way, which will ultimately positively impact the engagement and growth of the organisation.

Understanding more about how your business is structured and the objectives you wish to achieve, including any current challenges you face, is crucial in developing and implementing a corporate social network that is going to be successful for your business. Working with Claromentis as a partner, we can bring our expertise to your requirements to implement a system that will increase and accelerate engagement throughout your business.

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