How to Reward Staff with our Employee Recognition Tool

Remember that feeling you got when you won a gold star at school, or were awarded a certificate for passing a tricky test, or earned a trophy for finally completing that level on a computer game? It’s nice to feel recognised and appreciated for the things you work hard at.

Being recognised at work is crucial too – it helps improve staff retention, employee engagement, and productivity. And a study found that rewards such as praise from management and peer recognition were the best long-term motivators.

After reviewing feedback from our amazing customers, we found that an employee recognition tool was needed to help them acknowledge and reward their employees’ achievements. So we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve built such a tool as part of our latest intranet software release!

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Claromentis Arundel v8.8 (named after a historic town in West Sussex, UK) is our newest version, and comes complete with our brand new employee recognition tool, Badges. Here’s what you need to know about Badges, and what’s new in Claromentis Arundel:

New app: Badges

Badges empowers managers and co-workers alike to reward staff for their hard work with colourful, personalised, and engaging badges. Staff reward programs like this provide employees with instant feedback, a sense of achievement, and motivation to progress – classic elements of gamification that are proven to contribute to a rise in dopamine.

Create your own badges

When creating a badge, you can choose from our set of lovingly designed icons that come pre-installed in our digital workplace. If you fancy something a little more custom, you can upload your own images to create badges that truly reflect your organisation’s branding or company culture.

Badges dashboard

Congratulate staff with a message

Add a personalised message of congratulations when you award a badge to your staff. Recognising your employees’ achievements with specific and positive feedback will go a long way to inspiring confidence and boosting motivation.

Badges message | Claromentis

Awarding a badge with a message

Proudly showcase every badge

Every badge that an employee earns will be proudly showcased on their profile, like their own personal trophy cabinet. This helps nurture a culture of transparency and motivates others to win badges too.

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The best of the rest


We’ve made several improvements to our core intranet news app, including smarter search features, better menu navigation, and breadcrumb trails. You can also subscribe and unsubscribe from news channels in a single click – great for always keeping on top of the latest company news.

News navigation | Claromentis

New News navigation (channels displayed at the top)


Not all questions have a single answer. Which is why we’ve added the ability to set multiple correct answers per question in our Quiz app. Staff taking the quiz will have to select all the correct answers to get the question right and gain the mark.


We’re always updating our drag & drop content management system, Pages, to make sure it contains the biggest and best features to help you build an engaging intranet. Our latest release is no different. We’ve added new styling options to our “Who’s Out” and Knowledge Base intranet widgets, giving you more customisation choices than ever.

Who's out component | Claromentis

“Standard” (left) vs. “Modern” (right) label styling options

More information

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