7 Really Useful Intranet Engagement Ideas to Engage Employees

It’s generally accepted that happy workers tend to be more productive, which in turn produces greater output and increased revenue.

But how can businesses keep employees happy and engaged?

Here are 7 top tips for encouraging employee engagement and creating a motivated, engaged and productive workforce through the use of your business intranet:

Recognise Hard Work with Enterprise Social Networking Tools

If employees perform well, their efforts should be recognised. Gratitude for a job well done can be easily achieved through various intranet tools. One such tool, which has been the subject of debate in recent times, is enterprise social networking (ESN).

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Creating a dedicated ESN channel where all employees, not just managers, can thank employees for their efforts is a great way to use this social tool. Employees can be recognised for going the extra mile for customers and for demonstrating business values. These clear examples will influence other employees’ behaviour and act as a guide for new employees entering the business.

Encouraging Employee Recognition - Enterprise Social Networking

Training and Personal Development Intranet Tools

It’s important for a business attempting to engage its workforce to recognise the need to support professional development, on an individual basis. Employees want to continuously develop within their workplace and learn new skills. This can be cost-effectively achieved through the creation of online courses using intranet learning management tools. Subject-matter experts across all departments can create learning material which can be turned into interactive courses.

Intranet Engagement Ideas - Learning Management System

Electronic Employee Suggestion Forms

If employees have concerns or suggestions, there must be channels available to voice their views. Suggestion forms can be created on the business intranet using an e-form and workflow builder. Each suggestion can progress through a predefined workflow to ensure that it has been seen by the necessary people. In a similar vein, if you ask employees for their feedback and suggestions, you should have the intention of acting upon these, or at the very least, plan to issue a response.

Keep Employees Updated and Informed with Intranet News

As simple as it may sound, keeping employees updated and informed of company-wide matters, will go a long way in making them feel valued and engaged. Using two-way communication channels, such as intranet news articles and allowing employees to add comments, will create a culture of openness. This is also a great opportunity to dispel misconceptions and provide clarity.

Intranet Employee Engagement Ideas - Intranet News

Involve Employees in Decision Making

It’s inevitable that major business decisions will be made by the management team, but provide non-management level employees with autonomy, where possible. Giving employees an opportunity to get involved to help shape their business’s future will empower employees and boost morale. Intranet collaboration spaces with dedicated topics or themes will provide employees with the ability to put forward their views. As well as experiencing the benefits of an engaged workforce, businesses will also benefit from the generation of new ideas and perspectives.

Organise Fun Company Events

Fun company ideas can include:

  • Employee Barbecues
  • Raffles and Competitions
  • Beers on Fridays
  • Employee Sports Days
  • World Cup Sweepstake

Share forthcoming company events and issue invitations using your intranet. You can also use the survey and poll applications to allow employees to vote for their preferred event.

Employee BBQ - Intranet Engagement Ideas

Employee of the Month Intranet Awards

Use your intranet to enable employees to vote for their employee of the month. Employees will look forward to casting their votes and the possibility of gaining an award. For employees who have gained the majority of votes, they will experience a boost in confidence, and it will reinforce positive behaviour.

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