What is a Digital Workplace? – Video & PPT Presentation

The new digital workplace is a hot topic at the moment and is set to be the official sequel to the classic intranet platform. But what is it exactly, and how does it differ from its predecessor?

There are plenty of in-depth discussions out there, but if you’re short on time, check out our video below which introduces the basic concepts of the digital workplace, and how it can make you collaborate, learn, work smarter, and get things done.

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Transcription of What is a Digital Workplace?

Meet Tim, he absolutely loves his smartphone. Sure. It does things that we never dreamed a phone could do. But the overriding reason for his affection for this device is that despite the myriad of apps available, it’s at least just one consistent place to go to.

He realised that the same could not be said for his workplace. It seemed to be made of many islands, the messy shared drive, the internet, file servers, the desktop and dozens of cloud-based applications with different passwords and web addresses that made for a truly desperate working environment.

That was until Tim happened across Claromentis, they showed him that island hopping is a thing of the past.

Now his workplace is fully integrated, which allows him to collaborate, work smarter, learn new things and get the job done.

Our digital workspace solution gives him a single elegant interface that allows him to easily manage four areas of his working life.

Now he can prioritise work and get the important things done.

  • Intranet, a secure place to share information and collaborate.
  • Processes, work smarter by working on integrated electronic forms and improve efficiency with workflows.
  • Learning, learn new things, develop skills and enhance career paths.
  • Projects, act on tasks and get the job done.

So, whether these are the Claromentis platforms or specialized functions, Tim no longer has to remember multiple interfaces, complex web addresses and confusing passwords.

He has seamless access to his work. Just like him, we already have our smartphone, but now Claromentis has given us a smart digital workplace.

We used to be told that the information is at our fingertips. With Claromentis digital workplace, productivity is at our fingertips.

Get productive and give them a call now.

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