4 Ways That Remote Working Will Boost Your Business

With rapid improvements in technology and staggering developments in the digital workplace, remote working is becoming more and more popular among employers and employees alike.

Remote working ultimately gives employees more flexibility. They are less likely to need the day off to attend routine appointments or do the school run, helping people to save time. This also provides staff with a better work-life balance, whilst reassuring their manager that work is still being delivered.

The increase in software reliability also means that it is easier than ever to track an employee’s output and daily KPIs, even if they work from home or away from the office. Modern-day telecommunication devices can be set up in such a way that the calls are directed to staff, wherever they are based.


One concern surrounding remote working is productivity. Many employers believe that productivity levels are higher in an office environment. However, businesses are finding that by offering remote working to their employees, productivity levels actually increase, as the flexibility encourages a stronger work ethic. By allowing employees to manage their own time, they are able to choose the hours in the day which are best suited for them.

Employee satisfaction

The typical 9 to 5 is becoming more and more unsuited to modern-day life. From childcare to medical appointments, there are many obstacles which can prevent someone from working a traditional full-time job.

Remote working gives people the flexibility to spread their working hours throughout the day, giving them the breathing space to manage other aspects of life. Allowing for such flexibility improves employee satisfaction drastically, empowering employees to work from home on days they may not have been able to go in at all.

Remote and Flexible Working_ The Differences You Need to Know | Claromentis

Employee retention and recruitment

Employee retention is a big concern for many businesses, given the costs involved to hire and train new staff whenever someone hands in their notice. Providing flexible and remote working options signals a level of trust and autonomy that makes it less likely for staff to look for work elsewhere.

Remote working also opens doors for new ways of recruiting, eliminating the strict office hours and location that would normally deter talented people from applying. With remote staff based in various timezones, you can increasing business productivity and customer engagements by having a 24/7 workforce.


Remote working can become lonely, and under the wrong conditions, can get extremely demotivating.

Encourage communication between remote and office-bound staff to prevent feelings of isolation. Frequent get togethers where teams can socialise and are given the opportunity to bond can help loneliness too.

Whilst it may sound cliché, daily motivational quotes posted on your employee intranet can often spark a productive day, especially if it is relevant to the task at hand (we do this ourselves at Claromentis!)

Motivating employees can be a difficult nut to crack. But by encouraging them to be open about their goals, you can help staff to realise their full potential.

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