4 Unexpected Advantages of Good Business Process Management

By now, we all know that using business process management (BPM) software results in benefits such as increased productivity and better efficiency, thanks to its ability to automate existing processes in real time. Not only that, process automation helps team members avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks, freeing them to work on valuable projects that require creativity and strategic thinking.

But what about the benefits of BPM software that impact the business world in surprising and unexpected ways?

We’re going to take a look at some of these extraordinary benefits below…


Business process management increases customer satisfaction levels

Why would business process management software – something that’s inherently employed to improve the internal workings of an organisation – have any impact on increasing customer satisfaction?

Simply put, when your internal processes are working faster and smarter thanks to BPM software, it frees your teams from busywork and allows them to focus on delivering outstanding customer support.

For instance, without business process management software in place, it would be someone’s job to manually assign customer support tickets to the right team member – something that the software could do automatically in milliseconds.


Business Process Management software can automate tasks in a flash

The time it would take for a member of staff to carry out this monotonous task – not to mention resolving inevitable mistakes along the way – would be much better spent actually helping customers and keeping them happy.

Business process management can help improve employee wellbeing

If you added up the hours your teams spent completing repetitive admin tasks – such as emails, submitting expenses, and searching for information – you’d be installing business process management software quicker than you can say: “what a waste of time!” (If you’re interested in seeing a rough estimate, see our previous blog).

Time drains aside, doing the same task day in, day out, takes its toll on people’s wellbeing at work. A study found that monotonous work can have a negative impact on employees’ mental health, leading to boredom, major stress, and even burnout.

Meaningful work, on the other hand, is much more rewarding because it gives people a sense of purpose and a feeling that they’re doing something of value. Agency at work – the ability to make choices and decisions freely – is also an important factor when considering employee wellbeing. And – let’s face it – very few people would actively choose to do exactly the same task every day.

So enable your staff to become the creative and energetic decision makers they want to be by letting business process management software handle the boring stuff.

Business process management can help your organisation scale up

A key benefit of business process management is that it improves productivity, and this has a ripple effect across your entire organisation – including enhancing your products and services.

Indeed, as a result of the process improvements put in place, your teams will no longer be caught up doing the tasks that prevent them from being proactive, flexible, and agile. These are essential to continuously improve your business proposition, because it enables teams to adapt to change, spot opportunities for growth, and ultimately scale up your organisation.

Business process management makes your organisation greener

BPM software doesn’t just save time – it saves trees too!

A significant advantage of business process management is that it completely digitises paperwork, meaning you don’t need to waste reams of paper printing out documents or forms.

In fact, data by the EPA found that 4 million tonnes of copy paper is used every year in the U.S. alone.

By going paperless, your organisation can play a part in reducing waste and boosting its green credentials.

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