What is the Best Company Intranet Software for Your Business?

Are you looking for employee intranet software and don’t know where to start? Well, you’re not alone. 

In the new digital workplace, many organizations are turning to intranet software to help improve employee engagement, streamline internal communications, and ultimately give them an edge over the competition. However, with several options on the market, companies are spoilt for choice. 

This article will discuss the benefits of using employee intranet software and provide valuable advice to help you choose the best intranet software option on the market. 



Benefits of using an intranet 

There are several benefits of using an intranet for business. An intranet solution should provide you with the following:

Improved employee engagement

Employee engagement is a relatively new concept and can sound somewhat amorphous if you’ve never heard the phrase before. So what exactly is it, and how does it benefit a company?

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to their organization and its goals. Simply put, it’s the level of connection employees feel with their workplace. When people are engaged in their work, they tend to be more productive and creative. They’re also less likely to leave their job if they feel a sense of belonging and purpose in what they do. 

Yet, despite the importance of employee engagement, a study by Gallup shows that only 36% of US employees are engaged at work. 

Infographic image showing stats of low employee engagement highlighting the need for a good company intranet software

(Image source: Gallup.com)

Intranet software helps improve employee engagement in several ways. 

The first is by providing a platform for employees to connect. Employees can communicate and collaborate more easily through intranet forums, social networks, and blogs. This helps break down silos between departments and allows knowledge sharing to occur more organically. 

In addition, online intranet software can help make work feel more meaningful to employees. Employees feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves by giving them access to company news, goals, policies, and values. They also have a single point of contact to go to for support or information on company policies and procedures. 

These factors combine to create a sense of ownership among employees, which leads to better engagement. 

Improved internal communication and collaboration

Internal communications can be a challenge in any organization. In today’s digital workplace, employees are often spread out among different departments and geographic locations, making it challenging to communicate effectively. In addition, employees may not feel comfortable communicating with their superiors, or they may not have the time to do so. 

Intranet software can help solve these communication problems by providing a platform for employees to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and ask questions. In addition, through intranet forums, social networks, wikis, blogs, and intranet messenger apps, employees can communicate easily without leaving their workstations. This helps improve productivity as less time is wasted trying to track people down or schedule meetings. 

Intranet software can help managers track employee performance and give them feedback. By having a central location where employees can submit their work, managers can see who is working on what and provide timely feedback. This helps to improve communication between management and employees while also helping to identify potential issues early on. 



Easier knowledge management

Knowledge management is the process of capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge within an organization. Companies need to have a system for managing knowledge to empower employees and help save both time and money. 

Intranet software can help with knowledge management by allowing employees to share ideas, documents, and videos, enabling employees to easily find the information they need, without searching through emails or filing cabinets. This helps to improve productivity as employees don’t waste their time needlessly, tracking down information. 


Use your intranet’s knowledge management tools to organize and share knowledge across your company

How to choose intranet software

You must invest in a state-of-the-art employee intranet solution to derive the benefits above. Therefore, we recommend that your chosen solution must have the following features as a bare minimum:

  • Social intranet applications: A social intranet typically includes features such as forums, wikis, blogs, social networks as well as collaboration tools. It also comes with asynchronous intranet messaging to replace email.
  • Information management features: An intranet should include a variety of tools for content management. These tools might include a document management system, a video library, or a blog archive. It should also have an intranet search feature.
  • People management features: A modern intranet platform should also include features for managing people. This might consist of an employee directory, a performance appraisal system, or HR forms. 
  • Productivity tools: The right intranet software should include productivity features such as task lists, calendar management, and file-sharing systems. 
  • Third-party integrations: An intranet system should include the ability to integrate with other applications. This might include a CRM system, an e-commerce system, or a Learning Management System. 
  • Advanced security features: Intranets need robust security features, including user authentication, role-based access control, and event logging.

Modern intranet software will have all of these features and be easy to use and simple to administer. Above all, it’s essential to choose a vendor that has a proven track record of providing quality intranet solutions.



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