9 Great Ways Online Task Management improves your Marketing

If your marketing department still relies on white boards, myriad online software applications, note pads, and simple human memory, it could be time for you to enter the modern era of the digital workplace.

But could a bespoke task management software suite really replace the traditional way of running your marketing projects? Here are nine good reasons why it would.

1. Central account management

Task management software allows the central integration and management of all the tools that you use and the activities that your project team carries out. This means that there’s no need for workers to memorise multiple passwords, usernames, URLs etc. All of the projects your team are working on and the processes they need to carry out their roles are located on one user-friendly platform.

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2. Task prioritisation

One major issue for teams working on complex, multi-stranded projects is how to prioritise the various tasks that comprise each stage of the piece of work. Frequently, people become distracted by smaller, lower priority tasks that push everything else to the back of the queue. These tangents can lead to missed deadlines or fragmentation of the whole project.

Task management software allows you to set priorities for every task in each phase of the project, ensuring that the most important ones are completed on time.

3. Team collaboration

Marketing projects are always a team effort. Task management software makes collaboration much easier and less of a logistical challenge. Task discussions, project reviews, and real-time team updates can all take place via the task management platform. In addition, every session is stored online so you can review all your ideas and information whenever you need to.

4. Workload distribution

When you have a team of more than 10 members, keeping track of everyone’s workload is not straightforward, and delegation of tasks can quickly become a nightmare. Poor workload distribution can damage staff morale, as well as being a major cause of project timescale slippage.

Task management software allows project managers to easily keep track of every task assigned to each team member, so that the total workload can be distributed manageably.

5. Geographical challenges

If your business is an international operation, you may have one or more team members working in another location, potentially even in another country. This can mean having to reschedule important team update meetings or briefings until everyone is available to meet physically.

Task management software solves all these problems by providing live updates and briefings via the online platform. Simply ensure that the relevant areas are updated and your out-of-office team members just need to log-in to the system to access the information they need. This simple, basic function can save your business money and time, as well as helping to bring your projects in on time.

6. Task deadline management

A major issue in complicated, multi-faceted projects is missed deadlines. One missed deadline can have a knock-on effect across several linked tasks, potentially impacting the overall project delivery date.

Task management software provides your team members with reminders on each of their tasks, ensuring that important deadlines are not missed or forgotten. You can also include a small amount of acceptable slippage time into each project task, just in case unforeseen circumstances threaten a task deadline.

7. Time management

Task management software allows project managers to monitor how much time is spent on every task in each project by the team member who is responsible for that particular piece of work. This can help you to understand more clearly what assignments require more time than others, enabling you to plan your next project more effectively. This facility can also allow you to monitor individual employee productivity, highlighting where further training or employee development may be required.

8. Time savings on progress checks

Much of a project manager’s time is spent checking each individual team member’s progress on the tasks they have been allocated. Each follow-up meeting and its incumbent paperwork takes a chunk out of your day that could be used for something else.

Task management software will keep track of each team member’s progress on every task they have been allocated, allowing you to view their achievement online and in real time.

9. 24/7/365 access

Many people work from home during the evenings or at weekends, especially when working on large projects when the final delivery date is approaching. It can be infuriating if you settle down to work only to discover that you have left something vital behind in the office.

Task management software allows you to access your project database whenever and wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection, saving you the time, expense, and frustration of having to return to work for that vital piece of information you forgot.

In conclusion

Task management software has many advantages for the busy marketing department, especially in organisations with more than 10 employees. Work on even the most complex projects can be made much more smooth and efficient, potentially saving your business money on time saved and timely delivery.

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