6 Ways Document Management Will Boost Your Intranet

Now more than ever, corporations around the world are counting on modern intranets to straddle the power of collaboration and data sharing. And with more and more employees beginning the day with nothing more than laptops and coffee cups, digital workplaces are evolving to create environments where workers can collaborate on more than just email programs and shared drives. That’s when an intranet document repository comes to play.


A cup of coffee and your laptop – the only things you need to start your working day 💪

Your corporate intranet is a secure home for all your business documents. But managing every last scrap of information is no easy task, especially when it involves not only paper but also countless electronic channels. Therefore it’s essential that your chosen intranet document management system stores and retrieves all your electronic and paper documents, while being absolutely dependable to your business operations. Your document library must be as secure as physically possible as the mishandling of company information may have serious consequences.

Document management software can help you create documents, edit them collaboratively, and share them with employees or partners to be viewed and completed. These systems provide a single solution to help workers drastically cut down on paperwork and handle the entirety of the document lifecycle online. 

Here are six benefits you gain by having a professional document management system for your business.

1. Heightened security

The right intranet document management systems keep all of your company information safe, especially any sensitive files that can put your business at risk. These systems give you complete control over the files that individual employees are allowed to access and when they can access them. A document management solution allows you to control the degree of information that different employees and departments are given permission to access at both file and folder level.


By using permissions, you can control which employees can access which documents

Besides strict information control, these systems can also help you keep track of how company data is being used by providing you with an electronic record of how documents have been changed, including version control and edit history.

2. Easy access

Filing documents can eat away precious business hours and cost you even more time if they get misplaced. And having your corporate files stored in different locations throughout the workspace can get complicated, not to mention inefficient and expensive.

Document management systems make time-consuming filing practices a thing of the past by allowing your employees to find information with the click of a mouse. These systems boost employee productivity by allowing them to access files remotely and retrieve them by typing in a word or a phrase. They also help employees achieve tasks easily in the digital workplace by integrating the system with useful business applications, such as your company’s intranet or external document storage, like Google Drive.

3. Free Up Space in your Office

Why clutter up your workspace with boxes and cabinets crammed with physical folders when you could have everything on an intranet instead? 

Physically storing all your company files on your business premises can take up large chunks of space that could be easily allocated for more productive purposes. 

Document management systems free-up your office space and also allow you to make your business processes more effective by providing you with a secure location to store your data and manage it efficiently with inbuilt document management features.


Does your office look like this? Then installing a document management system is well overdue!

4. Compliance

Handling every last document responsibly can be a tricky slope to navigate. This is because different types of businesses face different compliance requirements that need to be followed in order to avoid fines or liability. Some of these requirements can be very complex as they come with their own set of privacy and security guidelines that need to be meticulously followed. 

A document management system can make this process easier by providing you with features to automate certain actions for chosen files. This keeps your business safe from any legal trouble that can be caused by non-compliance while also making it easier for you to categorise every document.

5. Complete protection

Transforming your business premises into a digital workplace means that you will no longer be reliant on physical documents to get things done. This not only offers convenience but also protection for your data as well, as the system will come with a built-in data backup and disaster recovery plan that will help you retrieve your data in case of an emergency. This means that in the event that your office is inaccessible, your business information will still remain completely safe and untouched, giving you one less thing to worry about.

6. Improved work processes

A document management system allows your employees to operate more efficiently by providing a systematic approach to different work processes. This means that workers can utilise the system for tasks such as document workflows, reviews, revisions, and approvals. The system will help your staff to organise necessary work tasks and allow them to rely on automated functions to avoid any errors in editing or document organising.

Another benefit of using document management software is that it can integrate with your company CRM, cloud storage, or other useful platforms that can help employees be more productive while cutting down on expensive processing costs

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