6 Benefits of Moving to an Intranet Based Training System

Thanks to the advances in cloud based company intranet software, implementing an intranet based training system is now a possibility – and one that your organisation should readily embrace.  

Today’s intranet platforms either come ready-built with user friendly learning management software or can easily integrate with external solutions. Whatever option you choose, utilisting intranet based training will benefit your organisation in a myriad of ways, not least your knowledge management capabilities. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the top 6 benefits of having a training system in your employee intranet:



Top 6 benefits of an using an intranet LMS

Increased productivity 

Using intranet based training tools, you can encourage teams to share knowledge across the organisation. This will positively impact productivity levels, and eventually have a knock-on effect on elements such as company culture.

Rather than keeping knowledge locked within departments, your teams could build corporate training courses or explainer guides that provide others with easy access to valuable information. Doing so will promote transparency and make teams more productive. 

For example, your marketing team could build a short e-learning course that explains social networking best practices. Recording and disseminating this knowledge will help increase employee engagement with your company’s social media presence, because teams will understand the benefits and feel more confident sharing posts. 

Improved employee satisfaction

Gaining feedback about your intranet based training programme is essential, allowing you to pinpoint areas of improvement and understand how to enhance the employee experience.

Using your intranet’s collaboration tools, you can quickly discover which parts of your employees’ training programme are performing well, and which need some tweaks. You can also use this opportunity to ask staff what training courses they’d like to see in future.

Continuously updating your training programmes, and involving your staff in the process, will go a long way to boosting employee satisfaction.

Increased corporate compliance rates

For many organisations, actively working towards and complying to industry standards in both a legal and regulatory context is critical to the success of the business. 

Intranet based training tools can facilitate corporate adherence by allowing you to create training materials that supplement your policies, as well as providing an audit trail to keep track of compliance rates. 

Centralised area to manage and track learning and development (L&D)

One of the main benefits of a learning management system is that it makes it easy to manage and keep track of teams’ personal development, whether they work in the office or remotely. 

With a cloud based learning management system (LMS), all training is consolidated, managed, and tracked through one central location – your intranet. It therefore acts as an easily accessible aid to both employees and your L&D team.

Reduced cost and time wastage

Costs associated with employees attending physical courses can be high when you take into account traveling and accommodation expenses, course fees, and time spent away from their desks. 

Online intranet based training can be accessed at any time or place that suits your teams, whether that’s on the train, at home, or at their desks, saving you from the financial and time cost of in-person training. 

Accommodated to different learning styles

All employees are different, so it follows that the learning materials with which you provide them support their differing learning styles.  

Cloud based intranet training allows you to deliver a variety of training materials, ranging from slides, how-guides, and video tutorials to interactive quizzes and courses. By catering to employees’ diverse training needs, you’ll ensure that they get the most out of it.

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