6 Benefits of having a Learning Management System on your Intranet

Here are 6 top benefits of having a Learning Management System on your corporate intranet:

Share Employee Knowledge and Skills

Retaining and sharing employee knowledge is important to organisations of all sizes and sectors and this knowledge management isn’t solely relevant to new hires. An employee in the marketing department may have detailed knowledge in the area of effective corporate reputation management and with the increasing number of employees present on social networking sites, this practical advice can be extremely valuable. The Claromentis Learning Management System allows employees to easily transfer and share their knowledge through the creation of bespoke online courses.

Learning Management System

Obtain Employee Feedback through Intranet Collaboration Tools

Through the use of intranet collaboration tools on the corporate intranet, administrators can quickly discover areas where additional information in the form of elearning courses, would be beneficial in improving organisational efficiencies. Intranet tools such as; Knowledge Base, Activity Streams, Forums, Polls and Surveys can all be used to help develop the Learning Management System into a hub of important information relevant to employees.

Assist with Corporate Compliance

For many organisations, actively working towards and complying to industry standards in both a legal and regulatory context  is critical to the success of their business. Evidence in the form of training reports can also facilitate corporate adherence and procedures. The Learning Management System can therefore be utilised to assist with on-going corporate compliance.

Centralized Area to Manage and Track Staff Learning

In the absence of a Learning Management System, it can be difficult for corporate training administrators to manage and keep track of all employee training and development – across numerous office locations. With an online Learning Management System, all training is consolidated, managed and tracked through one central location – the corporate intranet. It therefore acts as an easily accessible aid to both employees and training administrators.

Modules and Assessments

Reduced Cost and Time Wastage

Costs associated with employees attending physical courses can be high when you take into account:  traveling & accommodation expenses, course fees and time spent away from their desks. The Learning Management System can be accessed through the organisation’s intranet at a time that suits employees – on the train or sitting at their desks. Corporate elearning courses can also be broken into manageable modules to assist with time management.

Accommodate Different Learning Styles

Employees with differing job roles will require their corporate training to contain elearning materials which support their specific training processes.  The Claromentis Learning Management System can deliver a variety of training materials, ranging from PowerPoint presentations to instructional videos – to cater for the learning preferences and needs of specific departments or groups. Matching employee needs to the learning material created, will ensure that employees receive the most from their training.


Intranet software provider Claromentis offers organisations a complete intranet platform with business, collaborative and social applications. Claromentis has developed a corporate Learning Management System as an additional module on its intranet software. Try the free intranet demo, request pricing or arrange an intranet tour. 

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