Intranet Ideas – 13 Weird, Wacky and Fun Intranet Ideas and Features

We’ve come up with 13 downright weird, wacky and fun intranet ideas and features. Some of these suggestions are so crazy they might just work, others, we’re happy to admit, should never see the light of day.

Reminders from your Mum

To make sure your day is full of tasks and reminders from both your work and family life, the Mum Reminder is the perfect solution. If your Mum hasn’t received a response, she can use the medium of the corporate intranet to channel her disappointment, and to rally support from your colleagues with her campaign of shaming you into action.

Intranet Mum Alert


Random Intranet Cat Generator

This has to be one of our favourite wacky intranet ideas and frankly a feature no intranet should be without. We can foresee The Random Cat Generator experiencing significantly high usage levels on Monday mornings, for reasons unknown to us.

Cat Generator


An ‘Upcoming CEO Boring Announcement Alarm’ when the CEO hasn’t blogged for xxxxx days

You can feel it in the air and office speculation intensifies with each passing day, the CEO must be preparing a new blog post. This suggestion is from our Managing Director, Nigel. We were previously unsure of how Nigel perceived our attitude towards his intranet blogs, but given his suggestion of an ‘Upcoming Boring CEO Announcement Alarm’ we’d like to set the record straight, we’re really interested in reading your intranet blogs, Nigel.

Boring CEO Blog Alert


A Webcam that Displays the Current Queue for the Lift

Bask in the joy of knowing you’ll never have to queue for the office-building lift again. If the queue’s too long, kick-back, relax and wait until it becomes less congested – all possible due to the addition of a lift-queue webcam…genius.

Lift Queue


Tea and Coffee Stock Control Counter

It’s a well-known fact (not really, I just made it up) that there exists a correlation between tea & coffee supply levels and office productivity. Having an intranet display of stock levels acts as a warning sign and keeps the number of office revolts to a minimum.

Coffee and Tea Supplies


‘Your Line Manager Won’t be in the Office Today’ Alert and a Countdown until he/she is Due Back

Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief while you stroll casually on your way to work, you’ll be working at your own pace today as you’ve just received an intranet notification to let you know your manager won’t be in the office!

Boss on Vacation


Intranet Lunch Spinner

The daily debate with your inner self will be no more – the intranet lunch spinner will point you in the right direction when it comes to deciding where to go for your lunch.

Lunch Spinner


Ping Pong Tournament

If you don’t have a ping pong table in your office, this wacky intranet idea has become somewhat tricky, but don’t despair, imaginary ping pong playing is just as much fun.

Ping Pong Tournament


World Cup Results

Keep track of your favourite team but also watch as your sweepstake odds diminish as your team fails to score any goals (I’m not pointing any fingers).

World Cup Results


Ask the Magic 8 Ball or Flip a Coin

Are you finding it difficult to make a decision? Head over to the virtual Magic 8 Ball or the Coin Flipper on the intranet. Job done.



It’s Leet O’Clock! For a duration of 10 minutes, all localised intranet text changes to a random language of the day!

Confusing and not very helpful when it comes to office productivity but fun!

Language Day


Tesco Meal Deal Cash Calculator

I’d certainly like to know how much money I’ve spent over the years and I’ll use it as a benchmark to spend more.



Pub Webcam

A two way webcam intranet app that gets activated on Fridays at 5 pm – it allows you to watch your colleagues having a drink at the pub, waving at you and wondering why you are not there. You can also wave at them and pre-order your drink!


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