Most Popular Intranet Homepage Widgets

Claromentis’ intranet homepage designs are made up of widgets or as they’re also known – intranet homepage components.

The configuration of these intranet widgets define the overall layout and offer intranet users a unique, intuitive experience on their intranet.

Below is a list of our most popular intranet widgets:

Corporate Social Networking

Employees can collaborate, share links, documents or files, ‘like’ other comments or tag employees using our corporate social networking application, Innovate. The social networking component provides employees with an overview of recent activity and comments.

Intranet News Slider

Horizontal Homepage Slider

Vertical Homepage Slider

Time Zone Clocks
Analog clocks can be set to different time zones and are extremely useful for organisations with geographically dispersed offices.

Calendar Activities

A list of upcoming events present in the Calendar application are pulled through to this mini event component.

Multiple RSS Reader

Various information channels can be pulled into the intranet homepage using the RSS Reader – providing relevant third-party news sources straight to the intranet.

Dynamic Application Slider

Most frequently used applications appear at the beginning of the list and the component is fully permission-based.

Poll and Surveys


A poll or survey can be configured to discover employees’ opinions on any topic.

Policies Awaiting My Action

A list of policies which require an employee’s attention.

Mini Calendar Widget

This is a small version of our calendar that highlights events and links directly to the main application.

Employee of the Month Award Widget

Employees can cast votes to determine the winner of each month’s employee award. After the closing date, the employee with the most votes is automatically announced.

Facebook and Twitter Widget

Updates from the organisation’s Twitter and Facebook accounts can be viewed on the organisation’s intranet using this social widget.

If you’d like some design inspiration, you can view our intranet design gallery or log in to our intranet demonstration system.

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