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    • Centralised hub for partners to access onboarding, certification, and project delivery tools


    • Improvement in’s ability to share information quickly


    • Providing a reliable and regularly updated data source to partners



Intranet Case Study –

In 2016,’s three co-founders were approached by a large Norwegian bank to build a chatbot that was better than anything else out there. Within 3 months, they had created a conversational AI that outperformed every other chatbot on the market. Now with a team of over 100 dedicated staff, needed an intranet that connected their valued partners to their business.


Customer background

illustration of a chat bot agent’s conversational AI tech

Headquartered in Norway with offices in Los Angeles, use a powerful combination of machine learning and natural language technology to build virtual agents. Their conversational AI tech replaces repetitive customer service queries with intelligent automated responses that learn and get smarter over time, improving the customer experience and freeing staff to focus on more meaningful work.

With partners including Accenture, Deloitte, and KPMG, are transforming the way businesses interact with their customers, helping them deliver and exceed client expectations.


Purpose of the system wanted an external-facing portal to connect their delivery partners to vital information surrounding onboarding, certification, and projects. A Claromentis extranet provided these features – and more – straight out of the box.

Applications such as Knowledge Base and Announcements have given the tools to share information about webinars, educational events, and product release dates, providing partners with a reliable and continuously updated data source.

Thanks to our intranet design tools, were able to personalise their extranet to match their unique branding and create a “Boost Hub” portal that keeps partners coming back.

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Critical applications

      • Knowledge Base
      • Announcements
      • Documents
      • Intranet design tools
      • Extranets


Why they liked us

The team at Claromentis have supported us from the start and are always fun to work with. We are so satisfied with both the product and the support. Overall: great team, great product and great result!

Cat de Jonge, VP of Service Delivery


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