Top 5 Company Intranet Forms You Should Be Using

Intranet forms and workflows help businesses to capture data, automate processes, eliminate paperwork, and save time through increased efficiency.

That’s a lot of benefits from just one piece of software. So what is it exactly?

What is an intranet form?

Modern intranets have come a long way since their inception a couple of decades ago. Now loaded with employee recognition, productivity, and communication tools, today’s intranet solutions provide organisations with everything they need to foster an effective company culture with employee engagement at its heart.



One particular feature that drives effective working is intranet forms, which live on your company intranet and provide teams with a user friendly experience for inputting data. These online forms replace outdated paper-based business processes with streamlined workflows that automatically trigger actions in the background, such as assigning a support ticket to the relevant team member or archiving a request after a period of time has passed.

Let’s see some company intranet forms in action with our top 5 examples below:

Top 5 company intranet forms

Stationery request intranet form

Eliminate those mass stationery request emails by creating a stationary order form on your intranet.


The request will progress through an automated workflow that notifies the relevant team members of the request. Line managers can approve the request, after which the order is sent over to the finance team for processing.

Purchase order request intranet form

Submitting purchase order requests is a common part of the employee experience for admin team members. Make it easier for them by creating a dedicated intranet form that will speed up the process and reduce human error.


For instance, you can set up a workflow that automatically detects if an item exceeds or matches a specified amount, at which point the form will dynamically load additional fields that allow the team member to add further information. Once the request is submitted, the accounts team will receive a notification that lets them know they need to generate a purchase order.

Employee sickness intranet form

In most cases, employees can simply submit sick days using your company intranet’s holiday booking system

But if the request is complex or covers long-term sickness, team members or their line manager can submit the details in a dedicated employee sickness intranet form, which will automatically notify the HR department to update their records.

Employee appraisal intranet form

Build an intranet form to transform the traditionally paperwork-laden employee appraisal process into an engaging and interactive one.


Add intranet form fields to gather details about your team member’s performance, future goals, personal development plans, and ongoing objectives. During the appraisal, use the intranet form as a “live document” to make notes, add feedback, and create an action plan for the months ahead.

Training request intranet form

This is a valuable intranet form for organisations that provide training budgets to their employees.

Staff can submit details about the training they wish to take – such as the type of training, costs involved, and business case – giving departmental managers the right information to make an informed decision when approving or declining the request.



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