Why Flexibility and Adaptability of our Intranet is Important

We always endeavour to build online intranet software that’s both comprehensive and easy to use. We understand that our clients have differing needs and skills; some may be very technically minded, whilst others may be experts in content management, whereas several customers might need a system solely dedicated to business process management.


We aim to provide software which is flexible and adaptable to clients’ requirements. But what we also aspire to do is create software which is flexible and adaptable to work with.

A recent enlightening and uplifting testimonial from one of our Development team has shown that our Claromentis codebase allows for quick and easy integration for custom modules. The challenge was that it needed to be completed in less than two hours.

The story begins with a client requesting a custom component to be created; so far, so standard. The challenge was that it needed to be completed in less than two hours. What started out as an impossible task turned out to be achievable.

Our Developer documented that due to the nature of our framework, it was easy to build and integrate a new custom module, complete with a front end and back-end interface.

Furthermore, by utilising alternative data storage in the system that was already in place, this saved time and avoided the need to create new database tables. The implementation of a user interface was also swift, thanks to our existing custom styles and use of the Bootstrap foundation.

It’s always great to hear success stories from both our clients, and our team members. By having a solid codebase and established framework, our Development team were able to easily incorporate custom code, which in turn meant we were able to fulfil our client’s expectations. So, the moral of this story is, with a flexible and adaptable framework, comes a happy Developer and a happy client!

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