How to Combine All Your Apps in Your Intranet Software

There seems to be an application or software solution for absolutely everything in the business world – there are apps for submitting expenses, managing documents, running online training courses, arranging events, organising calendars, storing company knowledge and information; the list is endless!

Each of these tools need to be fully comprehensive in their own right, and companies will often purchase and deploy individual software solutions for each function. This is a huge task, especially in cases where multiple applications are needed to handle different things. Not only is there a big cost involved, but it also presents an immense commitment to training all staff on each individual component, which will take up valuable time and resources. Furthermore, each application will need to be supported and maintained, either internally or externally, multiplying costs and the time needed to do so.

So, what is the solution?

This is where an integrated intranet platform like ours really shines. Our intranet software contains a vast number of applications in our core package alone, including document management, drag & drop content management system (where you can build and design your own intranet), news and blogs, and calendar.

We also have an extensive range of modules that are separate to our core intranet, but are fully included in the total cost of our digital workplace – giving you a streamlined and synthesised platform for your business. Our e-forms and workflows software is our most popular module, empowering our customers to build paperless forms that automate processes and minimise repetitive tasks.

Being able to use one central digital workplace platform as a single app, rather than individual third party software applications for each business need, saves you time, money, and resources. Furthermore, by deploying one software solution, this ensures that all your processes are kept consistent company-wide, without the need to obtain proprietary knowledge for different dedicated applications.

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