The 3 Things You Need to Create the Best Intranet [Infographic]

We have spent more than 15 years delivering intranet platforms to many businesses around the world whilst witnessing the evolution of intranet technology, and the gradual shift in how intranet users are sharing and managing information.

When considering what makes the ‘best intranet’, it’s not the one that has been allocated the largest budget nor has it taken the longest time to create.

It is however, the one that can serve 3 basic needs required by intranet users and can deliver them well.

The 3 basic needs of intranet users are:

1. Find information
2. Be informed
3. Get the job done

1. Find information

We have heard that content is ‘King’ and the same applies here. The best intranet is the one that hosts quality information, not the one that possesses the most amount of data.

Quality information means accurate and up-to-date information. Also this quality information should be easily found, and more importantly serving the right audience.

Serving the right audience has become more and more relevant nowadays as we are currently at the age of information overload. Our users feel that they don’t have enough time to consume all available information; therefore allowing the intranet system to channel the relevant information to the relevant users is very powerful.

2. Be informed

There is a thin line between, not being informed and being bombarded with too much information; the best intranet should be able to strike the right balance and serve an appropriate amount of information to its users – based on what the system knows about the user

Having a piece of information delivered when you need it most is like having virtual assistance that provides you with relevant reminders, at the right time and at the right place.

Heard about email inbox clutter? Too many messages being delivered via email? The best intranet should have a built-in notification feature that allows a piece of information or a reminder to be delivered using the right method, at the appropriate time.

Growl notification software allows users to view a small piece of information without disrupting the user too much and ultimately contributing to a loss of focus.

Corporate social networking is widely adopted within enterprises. It breaks down the departmental silos and allows information to flow between intranet users – fostering innovation and cross-functional collaboration.

3. Get the job done

We all want to stay productive, bottom line is, we get up every morning to get the job done.

A best intranet provides employees with a set of business tools and processes that help them perform their job efficiently.

Business Processes Management transforms various workflows within an organization, many of which are inefficient, manual paper processes.

Online e-forms and workflow builder app, such as InfoCapture, is transforming tedious paper-based work such as submitting expenses, timesheets, and vacation requests into business apps.

Check out infographic below:

Best Intranet

Download Best Intranet Infographic [1.3 MB]

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