6 Great Benefits of Using Employee Task Management Software

Forget the paper and pencil to do list or the easily lost email chain – the future of smooth, efficient and engaging employee task management is digital. By using intranet software that’s exclusive to your industry, and designed to make the most out of the time of your staff, you can unlock the full potential of your employees.

For anything from charity organisations to healthcare companies, a task management platform can be the key to evolving your workforce into a more effective and stress-free tool. Here are just a few reasons why task management software is the perfect addition to your business:



One of the best ways that task management can improve the quality of work your team or staff produces is by making them more accountable for their actions. By spelling out tasks and activities in black and white, it’s easy to see what needs to be achieved by when; no lost notes or missing post-its. By being entirely responsible for your calendar, it gives your staff an increased level of accountability for their day to day work.

Not only does this accountability help to increase your employees’ sense of autonomy, but it also encourages the development of independent task management and working in all roles. This increased accountability for tasks that are permanently included in a digital file can help to improve this sense of independence and responsibility.


In an office, how much is lost in translation between paper and document? By keeping all actions, from emails to to-do lists and spreadsheets to presentations, encapsulated in one machine, not only does it reduce the chance of lost information and work, but it also improves the efficiency of completing tasks. By breaking each item down into easy to achieve pieces, it’s easier to see progress with each ticked box, increasing efficiency via confidence.

This increase in efficiency for the completion of work also allows for more natural goal setting, handling and feedback from managers, team leaders and other management-based roles for the employees using the software.


Compared to other more traditional task management methods, the concept of digital, intranet solutions-based management makes it much easier to collaborate on joint projects and tasks; even with staff who aren’t in the same office, or even the same country. This effortless teamwork makes completing otherwise tricky tasks a simple process, from day to day tasks to ongoing projects and events that require careful planning and management to a minute level.

Not only do digital task management workflows encourage the breaking down of borders and barriers, but they also allow for more flexible working in relation to other tasks and responsibilities, and allow for more straightforward prioritisation processes.

Increased learning opportunities

The benefit of task management software is twofold; the primary role of software like this is to allow for the quicker and more efficient management of upcoming work and ongoing tasks, but it can also be used as a learning and development tool to increase the development of goal-oriented skills greatly. These skills don’t just help to improve efficiency, they also encourage effective timekeeping and ongoing learning and development.

By utilising task management as a tool to teach improved time-keeping, as well as develop a greater understanding of the breadth and requirement of certain tasks, this software can form the basis for KPI-based goals and skills that improve the confidence and capabilities of employees.

Digital records

Paper is temporary, but digital records are forever. When it comes to looking back over completed tasks, whether for reporting or learning and development, task management software can offer an easy way to see everything that has been achieved over a week, month or year – allowing to easily see areas for improvement as well as jobs well done.

Offering tangible roadmaps for completed tasks, whether short or long-form, can provide insight into how to manage further workloads of similar type in the future. Digital records can last a lifetime, and can always be referred back to at a moment’s notice.

Work simplified

In today’s stressful work environments, it can be difficult to know what to do first, and trying to juggle a heavy workload can take more time than doing the actual work itself. By using a great task management platform you can put every task down in black and white. It can also make any job seem surmountable, and put your staff on the right road to achieving everything you need to.

By reducing complicated jobs and processes down to a series of bite-size tasks, any mountain can become a molehill; allowing each day to be productive and efficient instead of overwhelming.

If your business is looking for tangible and practical ways to improve the autonomy, stress levels and responsibility of your staff, then consider task management software as an efficient and excellent value tool to evolve the skills essential for a modern organisation.

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