5 Advantages and Benefits of having an On-Premise Intranet

An intranet is a private computer network that provides access only to authorised users from a particular organisation or business entity.

A business intranet uses internet technologies – and conceptually, you can think of an intranet as a self-contained portion of the internet that is reserved for the business needs of the organisation that owns it.

Intranet software and infrastructure can cater for two principal types of intranet – the on premise intranet or a cloud intranet. In both cases, the intranet acts as a digital workplace enabling the organisation to manage tasks, organise content, meet essential business needs, and promote better collaboration and employee engagement.

As we shall reveal in this article, there are benefits to the entire organisation from either cloud intranet or on premise intranet solutions.

Deciding on which option to pursue depends on the specific needs and circumstances of your particular business.

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The advantages of an on premise intranet solution

To set up an on premise intranet, an organisation must provide the hardware, network infrastructure, and on premise intranet software needed to put the solution in place. From an administrative standpoint, the business may then impose a system of user identities and authorisation protocols to give designated users access to the system. This approach has the following benefits

1. Heightened security

Heightened security

For day-to-day intranet operations, an on premise intranet solution with access controls in place, gives the organisation the reassurance of regulated usage of the intranet by its employees.

Going further, on premise intranet software owned and operated by the organisation itself empowers the business to set up its own security protocols. With its own IT department managing the platform, the organisation can assume full control of its security profile. This is important in a cybersecurity atmosphere in which bad actors are expected to steal 33 billion records in 2023.

2. Streamlined delivery of resources

Streamlined delivery of resources

One way to enhance the employee experience in an on premise intranet is by empowering workers to access and install new applications and services themselves without needing to rely on the IT department. By providing employee app access to software updates, file and document handling systems, and other tools, on premise intranet software increases productivity for the business, and reduces costs.

3. Customisation


With an on premise intranet solution using software and systems wholly owned by the business, administrators can request IT to provide customised tools and services to suit the activities of each business unit.

4. Collaboration


A modern premise intranet offers employee app options that include corporate social media feeds, employee engagement tools, eLearning, project management, and productivity apps.

A business intranet that provides mobile access empowers the organisation to manage a remote workforce, and to engage employees with collaboration spaces and corporate social networking that improves communication and teamwork. Workers appreciate this avenue for employee engagement.

In a recent study by ArubaNetworks, 70% of employees said digital technology improved their ability to collaborate.

5. Process integration

Process integration

On premise intranet software can also provide integrations with third-party systems, e-forms and workflows. For an organisation that hosts its own on premise intranet platform, this empowers the enterprise to fine tune integrations with current business processes.

The Benefits of a Cloud Based Intranet Solution

Setting up a cloud based intranet solution typically involves subscribing with a technology provider of cloud software, cloud based intranet network infrastructure, and cloud intranet services.

This approach eliminates the need for capital investments in hardware, software licensing, and IT management – often a plus for small businesses.

System maintenance and updates are rolled out automatically by the cloud intranet provider, who may also provide customisation options. Cloud based solutions typically provide mobile access, and are therefore ideal for remote working and team collaboration.

Making the right choice of intranet for your business

Making the right choice of intranet for your business

Clearly, both on premise intranets and cloud intranets can provide tangible benefits. Choosing between one intranet solution platform or the other, ultimately comes down to selecting the option that best suits your budget, staffing requirements, business needs, the makeup of your organisation, and other factors.

In general, a startup business, small businesses, or an organisation with limited resources will benefit from the lower initial capital outlay of cloud based intranet. More established enterprises looking for full control of their intranet resources may prefer an on premise intranet solution.

Whichever intranet solution you opt for, you will benefit from collaborating with a technology partner with a history of providing successful intranets that meet the business needs of a range of organisation types.

Here at Claromentis, we’ve been in the intranet business for over 20 years, and have built company intranets for every industry including financial, education, and healthcare. We provide two intranet hosting options to suit your company’s infrastructure.

Choose from our cloud based intranet solution, which includes our software, installation, Google hosting, backups, and more in one monthly subscription. Or, pay a one-off fee for our on premise intranet solution and deploy it on your own internal servers – you decide!

Our intranet content management system and design tools make it easy to build an engaging intranet, with no need for technical know-how. Simply drag & drop widgets onto your intranet pages – such as activity feeds and project dashboards – then add your own colours, fonts, and styling.

If you’d like to learn more about how Claromentis can help your organisation with a cloud intranet or on premise intranet solution, book a demo with our experts.

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