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Intranet Case Study – REL

Industry leaders in field marketing, REL required a platform which encouraged group collaboration, and provided a secure version controlled Document Management System.

Customer background

Founded in 1995, REL are industry leaders in field marketing, delivering value and sales for their customers through marketing programmes and data insights. REL:

    • Work with customers to increase their sales
    • Use and analyse valuable data to provide successful marketing programmes
    • Deliver training and education to retailers to inspire consumer engagement

Purpose of the system

The intranet provides employees across the board with a combined business and social collaboration platform, encouraging group collaboration, interaction, and engagement.

Our platform delivered REL with a system which included all the tools needed to fulfil their business needs, including collaboration, workflows, a version controlled Document Management System, and most importantly, a platform to easily share best practises.

Critical applications

The following applications proved to be critical in meeting REL’s needs:

    • Learning Management System
    • Document Management System
    • Knowledge Base
    • News

Why they liked us

REL needed a platform that allowed us to share information and knowledge with all our colleagues in an engaging way securely. Claromentis has provided us with a solution that matches our needs exactly and we are delighted with the uptake from our people and the flexibility of service provided.

 Stephen – Managing Director

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