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Key benefits

A robust digital workplace solution with dynamic content capabilities and powerful communication tools.

An integrated, centralised hub for news, information, document management and other employee engagement activities.

Increased productivity and efficiency through business process automation.

Seamless technical integration with their existing tech stack.

A secure, HIPAA compliant, on-premise solution that was easy to use.

Medcor: Improved communication, collaboration and engagement


Claromentis enabled the transition to remote work, streamlining digital communications and employee engagement for a more connected and efficient workforce.


Who are Medcor?

Medcor helps businesses across the US and Canada to reduce worker compensation cases and healthcare costs. They do this by focusing on the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. 

They provide on-demand, 24/7 healthcare coverage through onsite, mobile, triage, and telehealth services. This enables early intervention, in turn helping their customers avoid unnecessary procedures, labs, prescriptions, referrals, and claims.


The challenge

As Medcor grew, its teams struggled with the basic layouts, limited functionalities, and lack of scalability of their old intranet system. 

What’s more, remote working challenges were leading to increased miscommunication.

This resulted in poor employee engagement and stunted collaboration across their dispersed workforce. 

To overcome these challenges, they required a more dynamic, user-friendly, and flexible solution — one that could easily scale to meet their growing demands.


The solution

After extensive research and reviews, Medcor chose Claromentis as their digital workplace solution.

Here’s why we came out on top:

  1. Robust features. Claromentis offered dynamic content capabilities and powerful communication tools, which were crucial for Medcor’s digital transformation.
  2. Technical integration. Our solution integrates seamlessly with their existing systems.
  3. Customer feedback. Outstanding customer stories, and rave reviews on G2 set Claromentis apart. With such praise, they knew that we were committed to their success.
  4. A secure, on-premise solution. As a healthcare business, they needed a secure, HIPAA compliant, on-premise solution. Which, unlike many of our competitors, we can provide at no additional cost. 

After starting with a thorough onboarding and assessment of Medcor’s requirements, identifying key areas they could improve, we launched their integrated digital workplace. 


The outcome

After a smooth implementation, Medcor quickly adapted to the platform. 

Upon launch, user feedback showed an immediate improvement in communication and employee adoption. In particular, Medcor’s teams loved how easy it was to build pages with Claromentis’s intuitive drag and drop features. 

As time went on, their ‘Better at Medcor’ intranet became an integral, centralised hub for news, information, document management, and other employee engagement activities. This helped to connect their disparate remote workforce and enhance employee collaboration. 

In addition to this, Medcor streamlined key processes using our powerful business process automation platform, InfoCapture. 

Utilising our intranet and BPA solutions, Medcor saw significant increases in productivity, as communication silos were removed across the business.


What could Claromentis help you achieve?

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“Claromentis is a great way to stay connected. Our on-premise intranet is easy to use with a great support team available to help. Our remote teams feel more connected and empowered to communicate and collaborate better at scale.”

Alex Petersen, Executive Director, Information Technology

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