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  • Streamlined communications across all seven emergency sites
  • The intranet is employees’ go-to place for all key operations
  • Mandatory reads have improved accountability for knowledge acquisition
  • The mobile app ensures all field workers can access the most up-to-date information
  • Staff are happier knowing that there is a knowledge base of easily accessible and up-to-date information available

Intranet Case Study – Emergency Physicians of the Rockies

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies (EPR) provide emergency medicine in Northern Colorado. After a period of expansion, EPR needed a digital workplace solution to streamline and enhance communications across their emergency department sites.

Customer background

Founded in 1972, EPR are leaders in providing emergency medical care across Northern Colorado. With seven emergency departments staffed by 70 Emergency Physicians and 35 Advanced Practice Providers, EPR are constantly expanding and evolving to meet their patients’ needs.

Purpose of the system

After a period of expansion in 2013, it became clear that the current methods of communication were not working for EPR. Paperwork moving back and forth via interoffice mailers as well as too many emails meant that key information just wasn’t getting the attention it needed.

Claromentis’ digital workplace and intranet software was the perfect solution for EPR to propel their communications forward. Important departmental information is now posted, organised, and shared on the intranet, with mandatory read processes in place to ensure that staff acknowledge receipt of the information.

EPR have utilised Claromentis’ built-in e-learning software to design a variety of training programs for their staff, including mandatory Mass Casualty Incident drills and a physician sabbatical program designed to encourage wellness and avoid burnout.


Emergency Physicians of the Rockies' e-learning | Claromentis

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies’ e-learning homepage

Since implementation, the Claromentis intranet is now the go-to place for a wide variety of EPR’s essential day-to-day operations, including access to staff payslips and benefits, real-time trackers, medical records charting system, employees’ medical license information, and human resources handbooks. Productivity is also boosted via online policies, e-forms, expenses reimbursements, individual productivity statistics, timesheet tracking, and financial statistics.

Critical applications

The following applications proved to be critical in meeting EPR’s needs:

    • Policy Manager
    • Learning Management System
    • Intranet mobile app

Why they liked us

Employees hired since our intranet implementation couldn’t imagine EPR without it and use it to link and search for everything. Having a digital workspace that is personalised to our organisation is key. 

Betsy – Administrator


EPR intranet browser and mobile app

Emergency Physicians of the Rockies’ intranet and mobile app


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