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Employees 8000

Industry Retail

Customer Since 2015


    • Provides a central storage and retrieval tool to archive and find documents.
    • Enables and encourages eBay company culture through homepage and departmental page customizability.
    • Allows for highly functional custom level solutions.


Products & Services

    • Intranet Software
    • Business Process Management
    • Learning Management System
    • Claromentis North America team account management

Intranet Case Study – eBay Enterprise

A global e-commerce company providing B2B and C2C services worldwide, eBay needed an intranet which reflected their company culture and facilitated communication.

Purpose of the system

The Claromentis North America team engaged eBay through several extensive digital training sessions to help successfully deploy their new intranet software. Claromentis provides eBay with a company-wide intranet, and leverages the internal social network to facilitate better communication across departments. As a replacement platform for a previous intranet, Claromentis has been customized to reflect and build on eBay’s company culture while maintaining a focus on internal organization.
eBay Enterprise intranet landing page in a browser displaying the homepage components

Critical applications

The following applications proved to be critical in meeting eBay’s needs:

    • Document Management System
    • Organization Chart
    • “What’s New” Home Page Component
    • People Endorsements

Why they liked us

a left quotation markIt really felt like [Claromentis wasn’t] just some large company, but that [they] were a partner with us… [they] were there to help us understand and grow and learn our business as it relates to the actual intranet… I would definitely recommend working with [them] again.a right quotation mark David – Program Manager


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