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      • Receiving push notifications via the mobile app keeps staff informed at the same time, regardless of location.


      • Centralised document storage helps staff monitor version control and organise company policies in one digital hub.


      • Project management tools have empowered people to collaborate across departments and regions in one segmented area.


    • In-depth updates can be shared with ease using the news feature.

Intranet Case Study – Apprenticeship Connect

Founded in 2012, Apprenticeship Connect is a training provider supporting individuals across England with quality job-specific apprenticeship courses. Apprenticeship Connect not only offer training, they also support individuals to find apprenticeship jobs by matching candidates with businesses that support their long-term ambitions and personalities. The business vows to do things differently and always strives for excellence in all that they do. With employees based in three different regions, and many working remote, Apprenticeship Connect needed a Claromentis digital workplace to centralise communication and collaboration, and to help their employees keep in touch on-the-go.


Customer background

Apprenticeship Connect provides apprenticeship courses to individuals, helping them to gain the job-specific knowledge and skills required to get ahead in their chosen career. Through their free recruitment service, Apprenticeship Connect helps businesses grow their workforce with the very best apprentice talent and supports them to excel in their role by developing job-specific knowledge and skills through their apprenticeship programmes.


Apprenticeship Connect | Claromentis customer success story

Apprentice Connect helps people and businesses become exceptional


Purpose of the system

With employees across the country, both office based and remote, Claromentis intranet software gives Apprenticeship Connect a centralised place for all communication and collaboration, as well as helping staff keep in contact on-the-go.


Claromentis has revolutionised the way we work. As an organisation, many of our staff are away from their desks for the majority of the working day and we have employees based all over the country; Claromentis allows us to stay in contact wherever we are, collaborate seamlessly on projects and access company documents from any device.

Tori – Marketing Executive


Features such as intranet news and discussion areas give staff an arena to communicate key company announcements to the masses, both consistently and at the same time. Project tools allow staff to collaborate seamlessly, remaining in contact with each other wherever they are based.

“Claromentis centralises everything we do as a business,” says Marketing Executive Tori Weller, “from helping us manage key processes, organise and monitor our company documents and policies, to allowing us to share news, announcements and collaborate on projects.”


Apprenticeship Connect intranet homepage | Claromentis

Apprenticeship Connect’s Claromentis digital workplace and mobile app


Critical applications

The following applications were critical in meeting Apprenticeship Connect’s needs:

    • News
    • Discussions
    • Documents
    • Business Process Management
    • Projects


Why they liked us

The possibilities within Claromentis are truly endless, allowing you to build a unique digital workspace which fits your businesses needs perfectly; the scope of different features it offers is fantastic. We have been using Claromentis for six months and have already seen the great impact it has had on our operations.

Tori – Marketing Executive


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