Accessory Exchange New York

Employees 100

Industry Retail

Customer Since 2013


    • Encourages better communication between stakeholders by providing a central location to work from
    • Improved and streamlined processes for purchase orders and other regular business needs
    • Better contact with the Hong Kong office for task shares, reducing emails and enabling faster turnaround on requests


Products & Services

    • Intranet Software
    • Business Process Management
    • Claromentis North America team account management

Intranet Case Study – Accessory Exchange New York

Accessory Exchange supplies an array of leather goods, handbags, and luggage. Based in New York and Hong Kong, they needed a system which facilitated real-time communication.

Customer background

Accessory Exchange New York (AENY) supports an array of product types ranging from small leather goods to handbags, luggage, accessories and legwear. Stationed in both New York and Hong Kong, AENY can seamlessly adapt to changing consumer preferences and shifts in marketplace demand. AENY maintains control of their supply chain from design through manufacturing, and does this with the aid of their development office in Hong Kong.

Purpose of the system

The Claromentis North America Team provided valuable training for AENY and helped make recommendations regarding system adoption, which included tutorials and training materials. AENY uses Claromentis as a central hub for its international offices, facilitating realtime communication between users.

AENY has deployed a variety of apps in order to share information and streamline communication, including Idea Spaces, Info Capture, Knowledge Base, the Document Management System and Calendar, all of which help users collaborate on projects and share information fluidly.

Accessory Exchange intranet landing page in a browser displaying the homepage components

Critical applications

The following applications proved to be critical in meeting AENY’s needs:

    • Social project management
    • Knowledge Base
    • News feed
    • Image Gallery
    • Document Management System
    • Calendar


Why they liked us

I’m Claromentis North America’s number one advocate. I work on it every day – I’m working on it now. I can’t even imagine how we did it before. Things are much faster for us, and that’s a major difference. I think Claromentis improved the way we do things above and beyond. Liz – Travel Coordinator and Internal Communications


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