Why Autumn is the Best Time to Boost Your Business Culture

Something magical happens in September. The air is crisper and clearer; the trees start to turn from pine green to an array of gold, copper, and bronze; and the sense of something new and exciting happening lingers around every corner.

The start of fall feels like a new beginning – a fresh start. The long and (possibly) hot summer has drawn to a close, making way for new ideas and fresh perspectives, in turn bolstering that drive to get motivated, get productive, and get things done. This is especially true for businesses. A study found that workers get most of their work done in the autumn months than at any other time of the year.

So what is it about autumn that has this effect?

Why autumn affects productivity

One theory is that during the last quarter of the year, Christmas is fast approaching and so employees get themselves into a mad rush to get work finished before the holidays. But that seems rather negative, and a little misguided.

What’s more likely to be at play is that strong sense of new beginnings that is so closely associated with fall. It’s the start of a new year at school or college; it’s harvest season; it’s cooler and fresher outside; it’s time to swap the sandals for jackets and boots. In other words, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

This almost subconscious feeling of turning over a new (autumnal) leaf is a powerful driver to do something different or make changes and improvements. So powerful, in fact, that business consultant and Inc. contributing editor Geoffrey James suggests launching a new business at this time of year for the best results.

Why Autumn is the Best Time to Boost Your Business Culture | Claromentis

New season, new business?

Starting a new business is one thing, but for those who want to improve the business they’re already in, autumn is the perfect time to make some positive changes. Providing a good business culture is hot news right now, with recent research by Gartner showing that managing and improving culture is a top priority for CEOs and CHROs. So why not take this autumnal opportunity to improve company culture?

Ideas for improving company culture in the autumn

  • Productivity is at its peak during the fall, with more tasks getting completed than any other season. Use this to your advantage and define the nuts and bolts of your company culture, including your business values, working arrangements, and your employee recognition program. Record and share all the details on your intranet software, to spread awareness of your company culture initiatives and to ensure staff are in-the-know.
  • The other great thing about autumn? It’s jam-packed full of events like Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, and the lead-up to Christmas, giving you the perfect excuse to organise work socials that bring people together. Make the process easy by using digital tools to organise events, send invites, and keep track of attendance.

Why Autumn is the Best Time to Boost Your Business Culture | Claromentis

Streamline your events management with digital tools

  • All those fresh ideas and perspectives that suddenly feel possible at this time of year? Ask your staff to share them. This feedback will help you design a workplace culture that’s inclusive, employee-centric, and authentic. Use digital workplace tools like polls, surveys, or e-forms to collect feedback, so that you can gain insights and monitor any trends that keep popping up.

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