How to Improve Your Training Tracking with Training Records

The Importance of Learning and Tracking Your Training

E-learning and training is incredibly important in businesses of any size, where staff members are required to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. There are a vast number of tools and learning management systems out there to facilitate the training process, as well as packages which allow for the creation and design of e-learning modules.

Perhaps the most vital component of e-learning is the retention of users’ training details. It’s all well and good utilising a training tool to manage e-learning modules, but without any useful data produced, there isn’t much point in implementing it!

We’ve often come across clients who make use of an e-learning system to improve their training processes, but then use separate spreadsheets to stores thousands of employee training details. This is counter-productive, and multiplies processes that could be entirely automated.


Manual processes can drain resources

Inputting and storing data manually has many downsides, not least that it is very time consuming, and uses up valuable resources. Version control is made incredibly difficult, and there is every chance that there may be obsolete or conflicting versions circulating, making it troublesome to determine which is the correct one.

Not only that, it’s also incredibly easy for data to be out of date, making it an unreliable source of information. Storing data in this way also makes it susceptible to security and privacy issues, with the risk of data ending up in the wrong hands greatly increased.

A comprehensive Claromentis solution

Claromentis has implemented a complete solution which solves these issues. Our Training Records feature comes bundled with our comprehensive LMS package, and covers everything that is needed including user details, the date the training was completed, the time taken to complete the course, and even the course tutor.

Furthermore, Training Records contains additional features, including certificates, events attended (our LMS fully integrates with our Events module), and learning paths, which detail the user’s progress throughout their training.

One of the best aspects of Training Records is that it is all stored in one central repository, meaning that there is one go-to place that contains all the essential data about employees’ learning. Data taken from completed training courses is automatically generated, preventing the need for manual data input processes. Employee data is also kept secure, where access can be restricted and moderated through the use of permissions.

Claromentis also tracks users’ skills and learning, making the data measurable and meaningful, as well as promoting and endorsing their specialities for other employees to see.

By utilising our LMS package, time and resources can be saved, data integrity is restored, and accessibility is efficiently managed.

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