How To Boost Happiness and Productivity with a Digital Workplace

For many companies, improving productivity and encouraging employee retention is key to business development. In an environment where it’s increasingly important to be competitive to succeed, it’s no surprise that many members of staff end up under pressure or over-worked.

But for a company to be successful in the long-term, it’s crucial to find new methods to improve productivity while also decreasing stress and pressure on employees. A digital workplace, combined with remote or flexible working, is one way to achieve goals without dampening creativity, allowing your company to succeed and be a positive place to work.

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Increasing happiness by reducing stressors

One of the significant causes of stress and reduced output in modern workplaces is using outdated or even counterproductive methods to achieve work.

Whether it’s collaborating with others or reaching project milestones solo, refusing to evolve to new ways of working can severely impact on employee happiness.

A digital workplace can help to improve employee positivity by reducing the stressors caused by work that’s being managed ineffectively.

How To Boost Happiness and Productivity with a Digital Workplace | Claromentis

Counterproductive ways of working can increase employee stress

For remote workers, stress can easily spiral simply by not providing them with the right tools to get their work done efficiently. Removing complicated procedures like laborious sign-off processes or manual and repetitive tasks will provide staff with a working environment that reduces stress and improves productivity.

A digital workplace promotes efficiency by empowering employees to focus on work that best uses their skills and experience, rather than wasting time on manual processes. By removing these obstacles, it’s far more accessible for employees to have a positive outlook.

Reducing the amount of work your employees take on each day may seem to go against the goals of your business, but when you’re replacing the busywork with a streamlined system that does it for you, it’s easier than you might think to achieve goals that have otherwise seemed impossible.

Meet employee needs by working smarter

Happy employees are those who stay with your business, especially when it comes to companies that embrace positive change and digital innovations. For more and more employees, digital is the default way of working – not only is it faster, easier to manage, and allows for more accountability, a practical digital workplace provides a productive, central hub for all workflows.

This is vital in companies where remote work is becoming more common, an environment where working analogue is more counter-productive than effective. Working smarter, not harder, should be the goal of your business. This is especially true when it comes to employees that find more traditional working environments challenging to manage, leading to a reduction in output and an overall more stressful workday.

How To Boost Happiness and Productivity with a Digital Workplace | Claromentis

For most, working digitally is the default

By embracing a digital workflow, with software that facilitates those processes quickly and effectively, it’s possible to provide an environment that both meets employee needs and boosts productivity, providing a culture that’s inclusive, effective and highly focused, even at the most fast-paced times of the year.

Having a structure in place that supports employees in their daily tasks is a smart way to account for their personal needs and requirements.

Think outside the box to increase employee positivity

What works for one person won’t for the next. But providing the foundations for effective and productive working in a way that’s versatile and flexible can ensure that every member of staff has the framework to succeed on both their and your terms.

Creative, outside-the-box employees are highly valuable for many organisations, and it’s this particular talent that allows them to create new, better ways of working. Including remote working and flexible schemes is one way to achieve this goal. In more traditional workplaces, individuals with these skills are often left unmotivated and under-appreciated, with systems that don’t promote thinking beyond what’s in front of them.

Introducing a digital workplace to your business can be the catalyst needed to foster talent beyond specific job roles, especially if it’s the first step towards remote working in your office. With the ability to be more creative and have more freedom in their style of working, a digital environment can promote a working space that’s both productive and effective, without sacrificing on that individual’s preferred way to work.

For retaining star employees, encouraging greater creativity from existing teams or even shaking up old business models with new ideas and concepts, a digital workplace is precisely the base needed to go further, do more, and keep your employees positive.

Happier employees are more productive employees. If your staff are unmotivated or your workflows just aren’t working any more, then a digital workplace might be the answer.

As the first step towards remote working, it can be a vital improvement for many businesses. From collaboration through to task management, the right digital environment can improve employee happiness – which in turn will enhance that output you’re looking to achieve. If you want to grow your business, looking at what you already have is the best place to start – and promoting the positivity and happiness for your employees is step one.

More motivation boosting tips Learn how to build a motivation-boosting company culture with our free guide Download guide

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