Intranet Key Features: 7 Apps You Really Need

7 intranet apps you really need | Claromentis

Intranets: from their humble beginnings as hubs for document storage, to becoming a part of today’s integrated digital workplace, they’ve come a long way. Every business who chooses to incorporate an intranet into their company community will do so for a variety of reasons. And every business will have different expectations when it comes to what they want from an intranet.

With so many options, how can you narrow down exactly which intranet apps will fulfil your business requirements? We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to: we’ve assessed customer feedback and discovered 7 essential apps that your intranet software platform really needs.

Document Management System

The cornerstone of the intranet. It’s of no surprise that one of the key features of an intranet is still the document management system (DMS). How could any company resist the allure of storing their entire file system in one central and secure place? Clearly the force is still strong, and an efficient DMS is an intranet app that businesses cannot be without.

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Corporate Social Networking

“Collaboration” and “communication” were two very prominent key words when customers described the benefits of their intranet. Social networking capabilities are key in an age where online working is increasingly becoming the day-to-day norm. Instead of using the cumbersome email, team members are adopting the efficient rapid-response functionality of corporate social networking.

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Policy Management

The ability to create, store, and distribute company policies and procedures is essential to an intranet. And it’s easy to see why. Before the dawn of intranets, policies would have to be drawn up, reviewed by various senior team members, edited, reviewed again, distributed, chased, audited… and all via the medium of paperwork! The whole process sounds exhausting, so businesses understandably jump at the chance to use an intuitive and streamlined policy management app. Without it, how did anyone get any work done?

Company News

Providing staff with dynamic and personalised company news is key for a lot of businesses looking for an intranet. Intranet news apps provide a platform where the company’s culture and values can really be transported into the mainstream, and is a perfect way for internal comms to deliver vital messages.

People Management

Intranets are for people, so it makes sense that a user directory is a key feature of an intranet! People management apps contain all sorts of useful information, including the basics such as contact details and profile photo, to the more advanced such as skills, experience, training records, and linked social accounts.

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Intranet Search

With all that information on your intranet, what’s the best way to find it? With an effective search engine of course! Searching shapes the infrastructure of the intranet, and is reported to be one of the most key features of an intranet. Fortunately, all comprehensive intranets will include searching nowadays.

Intranet Calendar

Another essential intranet app is the mighty calendar! Home of meetings, events, training days, and holidays, at-a-glance calendars tell you all you need to know about your colleagues’ whereabouts. Arranging a meeting is no longer an arduous task of endless email chains; meetings can be setup with the click of a mouse and notifications are sent out automatically.

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