How Internal Communication Software Improves Collaboration

Why Internal Communications Matter

Simply put, internal communications (internal comms, or just IC) is the transmission of information within an enterprise. Internal comms, therefore, includes both the provision of information about the organization itself and interchanges between colleagues and departments due to employee communications.

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With good IC solutions in place, organizations can provide clear and understandable information to all stakeholders. In terms of employee communication, internal communication tools help to ensure that all workers understand the goals of the enterprise, where they fit within the organization and that they are clear on their specific roles.

For the enterprise, a well-run IC function helps to nurture corporate culture and promote employee engagement.

This can be mission-critical, as employee engagement helps to increase productivity and aids the enterprise in employee retention – at a time when 43% of US employees are somewhat or extremely likely to consider changing jobs. With enhanced employee communication and measures to increase engagement, workers are 87% less likely to leave their organization.

Why organizations need internal communications software

To foster engagement and improve employee communication, organizations in the post-COVID era need to look at IC provisions within their physical premises, as well as for field staff and remote workers – many of whom may be geographically dispersed.

Bringing workers together requires IC tools that can effectively link remote employees to the wider organization. As a result of the pandemic, corporate communication managers have come to rely on internal communications tools that can create virtual spaces and engage employees from a shared digital workplace. This IC software with integrated video conferencing capabilities like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, digital collaboration tools, file sharing, and platforms with real-time capabilities such as instant messaging, push notifications and employee app alerts.

With remote employees and hybrid working set to be part of the business landscape for the foreseeable future, organizations must continue to rely on IC software and digital workplace solutions in order to remain competitive.

How does internal communication software improve collaboration?

Internal communications software helps organizations increase their productivity and improve collaboration between departments and team members in a number of ways. They include the following.

Organization-wide reach

Organization-wide reach

IC software powered by business intranet technology can provide 24/7 access to users at all levels of an organization – from senior management to production line workers. Distribution of an employee mobile app extends this reach even further.

Having on-demand access to a shared digital workplace with a comprehensive set of features helps facilitate employee communication, file sharing, and information exchange – key contributors to team collaboration and effective internal communication.

Corporate communication also benefits, as management and team leaders have the IC tools, they need to make key announcements, issue updates and promote corporate culture.

[FREE GUIDE] How To Align Your  External and Internal Communication

Targeted internal communications

The best internal communications software solutions provide tools that enable you to segment your audience so that relevant individuals can receive messaging, information, and resources specific to their roles. These may include features like employee directories or an employee communication platform with tools to route documents and resources to workers as they need them for specific jobs.

For example, the Claromentis intranet and internal communication software platform provides an intuitive content management system which allows you to easily add targeted content to your intranet without the need for technical skills or coding knowledge. Using Claromentis, you can target teams and individuals with specific content catered to their roles, ensuring that only relevant information is delivered.

Dedicated collaboration spaces

Dedicated collaboration spaces

Collaboration tools and team communication software are features of the best IC solutions, empowering project leaders to connect employees for better information and file sharing, and coordination of activities.

For example, Claromentis’ internal communication software provides tools such as corporate social networking, internal intranet messenger apps, and collaboration spaces. Using social project and task management features, teams can create interactive project spaces to collaborate, share documents, assign tasks, and keep track of progress. With all project details in one place, this leads to increased productivity, as teams don’t need to waste time searching and consolidating information, or chasing for updates. 

Time and labor-saving features

The best IC software includes tools for automating routine tasks related to internal comms and general business processes. Internal communications tools like this save users time, reduce the risk of errors due to manual data entry or configuration, and help streamline employee communication.

Automation tools such as e-forms transform paper-based processes into streamlined workflows that need minimal human input. By saving time and reducing busywork, internal communications tools like this empower teams and individual employees to focus on valuable tasks that advance the mission and business objectives of the enterprise. 

Employee engagement and feedback

The best internal communications software also provides channels to seek and analyze employee feedback on matters relating to the organization’s IC strategy, mission, values and corporate culture.

In addition to increasing employee engagement and a sense of involvement in the fortunes of the enterprise, the results of employee surveys, comments, and suggestions can assist business leaders in improving their IC planning and the deployment of internal communications tools and infrastructure.

Knowledge sharing and skills acquisition

Knowledge sharing and skills acquisition

With a centralized digital workplace for internal communications, workers can access every app, share information, and collaborate in one location. Employee communications software can provide this access for task-specific activities, and for more generalized knowledge acquisition. 

For example, the Claromentis learning management system (LMS) enables you to create quizzes, courses and training materials to boost your staff development program and build personalized learning paths that engage teams with custom learning content. Investing in personal development is of course, important for improving staff retention, employee engagement and organizational growth.

Claromentis is an intranet solution with a difference. All our apps are easy to access from your integrated digital workspace, making it a one-stop-shop for sharing information, collaboration and internal communications.

To learn more about how Claromentis can help you improve collaboration with internal communication software, book a demo with our experts.

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