Enhance Staff Training with a Personalised Learning Management System

author Kerensa Johnson, September 29, 2017

Staff Training | Claromentis

Staff training is an essential part of working life, both for the employer and employee. Employers want highly trained staff to support them in the growth of the business and uphold their reputation, and employees want to learn new skills and advance their career.

That’s the idea anyway. In reality, training gets sidelined, even though it’s vital to staff retention and business development.

Training and development are so important in fact, that a survey by CV-Library showed that nine in ten employees would be less likely to leave their current job if their employer provided training opportunities. Yet only about a quarter of staff were happy with the training actually offered. These results show a real gap between what’s needed and the grim reality. Employers are in danger of losing their staff if they continue to provide unsatisfactory opportunities for professional development.

Why training gets forgotten

Despite being a key aspect in employee retention and engagement, staff training is often the first corner to be cut when businesses are trying to save money. Whilst this may provide a short term solution, in the long term it will cost businesses much more than if they trained existing staff. A study showed that it costs between $4000-$7000 above an employee’s salary to hire a replacement, compared to only $1,208 to train current staff. And if businesses are trying to save money, cutting the staff training budget is surely the wrong way to go.

The cost of forgetting or cutting staff training is more than simply financial too. The hours spent hiring are astronomical, especially if firing is involved as well. Exit interviews, writing job descriptions, and CV screening are just the beginning of what can be a very long and drawn out process, not to mention demoralising for all involved. And in any case, new recruits will be looking for employers that invest in their staff, so if training isn’t provided, then top talent will simply look elsewhere.

A new training direction

If costs are the main barrier to providing amazing training (or any training at all), then this can be simply solved by making full use of your company’s digital workplace. Digitising training eliminates the need to bring in external trainers or send your employees away on expensive courses. Whilst these learning methods undoubtedly play a vital part in effective training, in times of financial hardships they can be out of reach and put off businesses from investing in training at all. So a simpler and more cost-effective way of delivering training via the digital workplace is a positive direction to take.

Learning Management Systems

Using the digital workplace to provide staff training is no new thing. E-learning, or Learning Management Systems (LMS), have been around for decades, providing learners with an online environment to obtain new skills or keep their training up to date. What’s new is their ability to provide tailored learning paths and a personalised user experience.

Take the Claromentis LMS, for example. It’s only 5 years young, but in that time it’s transformed from providing simple course administration to becoming a fully-featured and interactive learning environment.

Enhance staff training

A good digital workplace will likely provide some kind of LMS, that will allow you to upload learning materials such as videos, SCORM courses, external links or training documents. Providing materials such as these in an existing business system is a fantastic first step in making training both accessible and cost effective. Employees simply have to sign in and start learning. So far, this is a pretty standard approach to delivering training online. But advances in LMS technology means companies can enhance online training like never before.

LMS software these days can be tailored to users’ specific learning abilities, where the technology allows for the creation of bespoke learning paths. This lets users complete a series of modules in a set order, enabling steady progression of an entire course. And each time a step is complete, the user will gain a training certificate.

The Claromentis LMS technology goes even further to enhancing staff training too. Personalisation, the concept of tailoring software to meet an individual’s needs, is big news in the consumer software industry, and is rapidly seeping into the business solutions landscape too. In Claromentis 8.2, administrators can now create personalised learning dashboards for their users, providing an engaging learning environment that takes just minutes to build. Course progression, upcoming training events and learning materials can be displayed on the dashboard, providing an at-a-glance overview of user’s training programme.

Learning Management System | Claromentis

Personalised Learning dashboard

Gamification, the crossover of gaming and education, plays a big part in enhancing the learning experience too. Research shows that gamified learning materials are incredibly effective, providing learners with an environment that’s both informative and enjoyable to use. The Claromentis Quiz app is designed to meet both these criteria, where users can build interactive quizzes to test staff knowledge on any given subject.

Quiz Application | Claromentis

Take quizzes in Claromentis


Businesses who cut or sideline staff training will miss out in the long term, with future finances, staff morale, and business growth set to take a hit. By effectively utilising a Learning Management System in conjunction with existing intranet software, businesses can invest a little and gain a lot in the form of an engaged, valued and skilled workforce.

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