Business Process Management

The Business Process Management Intranet Module

Our workflow automation and business process management software (BPM) is designed to help businesses of all sizes and capabilities improve their processes, capture data and effortlessly create eForms on their corporate intranet.

We recognise that some charities need workflow management to leverage their goals and objectives on a budget, which is why we offer charity intranet software to non-profit organisations.

Implement online business processes through form-based workflows that can be easily integrated with comprehensive permission settings, document management, SLA timers and email notifications.


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Online Forms with Built-In Workflows

Business Process Manager (BPM)  includes an intuitive form builder and workflow engine which fully supports all possible field types.
In addition, these fields can be hidden or controlled as the form dynamically reacts to certain values and status changes entered by the user. Hints and user explanations can be added where necessary to act as a guide.

Processes for Multiple Users

Each business process and workflow can be constructed and designed for specific users of the intranet, extranet area or public website. The workflow process can therefore be started by employees with the appropriate permission settings, customers, suppliers or visitors to the company website.

The homepage of each business process can include information relating to each specific group of users, such as a user-supplied flowchart and notes about the process, or a multi-media explanation.

Custom Workflow Reports 

Graphs included by default for each workflow process includes a bar chart of data submitted over time, and a summary of data according to current status per the business workflow automation software.
All submitted data can be viewed as a real time flowchart showing exactly where the ticket is in any process and the next possible states, and a history flowchart graphing the progress over time as the workflow progresses.

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