Intranet's what we do


Our Purpose

To create beautiful and powerful intranet software that is a pleasure to use and will make a real difference to your business.


Claromentis = Clear + Mind
in Latin.”


The Vision We Live By

To supply all organizations regardless of size, location or industry sector with intranet software that offers learning, participation and sharing in support of their evolving business goals.

We provide solutions for information management, business processes, modern collaborative tools and custom applications in a single, well-designed intranet platform.


What We Do

We are a leading software business with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for building and designing intranets, business processes and custom applications for a global customer base.

Customers enjoy working with us to create dynamic web platforms which positively impact their business.

Our success is a direct result of working in partnership with large and small organizations, across a wide variety of industry sectors, for over a decade.

We have an innovative platform and a world class team of professionals and technical staff that together make a significant difference to the way our customers work.


Our Core Values

Listen and Understand– we listen to our clients and understand their businesses.

Quality – We will always strive to provide exceptional quality in absolutely everything we do.

Team Spirit – Our teams have a positive spirit and a ‘can-do’ attitude to solving problems and overcoming issues.

Clarity – We build partnerships, trust and friendships through open, clear and honest communication.

Fun – We provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for both our employees and our customers.