Learning Management System

Enhance knowledge with learning path, e-learning and training records.

Create Your Learning Management Platform

Whether you are a customer, training employee or partner, you can create and manage intranet e-learning materials, courses and assessments with our learning Management System.

Your E-Learning Dashboard

The e-learning management dashboard is an employee’s starting point to improving their knowledge and completing training. From here, employees can access their individual learning path, training records, e-learning courses and training events. Employees can also gain an overview insight by viewing their progress statistics and learning path bar chart.


Learning Management System

Choose the applications and features you need, from productivity enhancing tools to social collaboration tools, to create a complete learning management system. Your learning management portal can contain a document management system, news system, project management functionality - everything in one portal.


Learning Paths

Paths are a set of predefined learning activities created to help employees reach their goals. Each employee can progress along multiple learning paths and each path has a specified number of steps which must be completed. Employees can see how far they’ve progressed as paths have points assigned to them and once completed the employee will be awarded the points.


Path Steps

Contained within each learning path are steps - these steps can be set up to be completed within a particular order. It’s also possible to have mandatory steps which are learning activities, such as attending a webinar or completing an e-learning course, that must be completed for the employee to progress.


Training Records

The training records feature is a timeline that contains e-learning courses, events, certificates and paths that have been completed. Employees have access to their own individual records but with the right permissions, managers and system administrators can view other employees’ records. Employees can update their training records and upload certificates of achievement. To save time, managers can assign a certificate to numerous employees’ training records in one go.


Snapshots of the LMS Platform

LMS Dashboard
Learning Timeline
Learning Events


The e-learning management system allows administers to create online courses, assessments and modules within your learning portal. Courses can be given a timeframe for their validity and learning material can be presented as PowerPoint presentations, videos, documents and URLs.



The Events application allows for the creation and management of corporate and social events and works in conjunction with the Learning Management Portal. Event administrators can manage invitations, bookings and waiting lists.

Learning Events


Using the built-in report engine, administrators can run reports based on qualification codes, training records, certificated, user and dates recorded and valid to.


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