Understand Collaborative Working in the Connected World

author Carol Mentis, October 26, 2016

A key focus for all businesses is managing growth expectations. In today’s working environment, managing growth successfully requires an ability to communicate and collaborate frequently and effectively. It all sounds straightforward, but collaboration techniques are changing dramatically, especially as we’ve seen advancements in technology. For example, with the rise of the digital workplace, collaboration is […]

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How to Choose the Best Intranet Widgets for Your Homepage

author Kerensa Johnson, October 14, 2016

Intranet widgets. Homepage components. Digital workplace thingamajigs. Whatever you want to call them, the apps on your intranet homepage are key to driving user engagement. Considering the intranet homepage is likely to be the first thing your staff see every working day, it’s crucial that it’s that right mixture of informative and entertaining. With so […]

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Discover the New Claromentis Homepage in Under 4 Minutes

author Kerensa Johnson, October 12, 2016

We’re in the final few months of 2016, and it’s shaping up to be a very exciting year at Claromentis. Not only have we released a brand new Project Management platform, we’ve also unleashed the latest major version of our software, Claromentis 8. Meanwhile, in the creative quarters of Claromentis, we’ve built a dedicated branding […]

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A Refreshing Alternative to SharePoint that You’ll Actually Love

author Kerensa Johnson, October 7, 2016

Microsoft SharePoint is a bit like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. But the reasons companies and their staff find fault in the platform come in their droves, and a lot of the frustrations are business critical. People say: “no one ever got fired for buying Microsoft” (the phrase has evolved over time […]

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Top 10 Trends and Best Designed Intranets of 2016

author Carol Mentis, October 5, 2016

No one has any doubt today that all businesses benefit from an intranet system. The world is changing rapidly as is intranet technology, with improvements stepping up the pace. Today’s intranet hums along with innovative, intuitive features, and time-saving components, as well as an enlarged capacity for collaboration, which is the intranet’s key element. Siv […]

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Are Your Digital Health Checks Up To Date?

author Carol Mentis, October 3, 2016

In terms of advances in technology, the digital workplace is a growing market that’s undoubtedly thriving. It’s responsive to user requirements and comes up with new tools to accommodate changing working practices. Organisations that utilise the technology, tools, and concepts come in all sizes, from the global companies with thousands of employees spread over several […]

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Is It Time to Rethink How We Communicate with Employees?

author Carol Mentis, September 30, 2016

A new survey has revealed that many communication tools in the digital workplace are not being used effectively, despite technological advances in recent years. The study of more than 250 people employed in communications functions revealed that a massive 97% were still likely to use email for both company-to-employee and peer-to-peer communication. This was despite […]

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How to Decipher Digital Workplace Jargon: A Complete Dictionary

author Kerensa Johnson, September 28, 2016

We’ve all fallen victim to industry jargon at some point, whether at the giving or receiving end. Work in an industry long enough, and the jargon will become a natural part of your vocabulary without you even realising. Enter fresh faced into a new sector, and you’ll wonder what an earth everyone is talking about. […]

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Breaking News: Communicating With Your Company via the Intranet

author Carol Mentis, September 26, 2016

In this post-paperwork era, the thought of having to produce a company newsletter or newspaper, using newsprint or glazed paper, is enough to give the HR manager a hernia. No-one would give the idea houseroom, any more than a media publisher would be daft enough to launch a new, paper newspaper, would they? Trinity Mirror […]

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The Best Marketing Blogs Your Team Should Follow

author Kerensa Johnson, September 23, 2016

“Good artists copy; great artists steal”. This famous quote, often attributed to Picasso (although no one is really sure if he said it), explores the idea that the best artists take something that’s already been done, and transform it into their own interpretation. Complete originality is incredibly hard to come across, and chances are if […]

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