Charity Begins at Home: Third Sector Social Project Management & The Intranet

author Carol Mentis, June 24, 2016

In an ideal world, all project management would be within the exclusive purview of an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent individual: God, for example. Unfortunately, that kind of creative and technical dominance has not been seen for a few aeons, so it is down to mere mortals, working, perhaps, in contradictory time zones on conflicting continents, or […]

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How Small & Medium-Sized Charities can Benefit from Intranet Use

author Carol Mentis, June 22, 2016

Many larger and international charities already benefit from an intranet, simplifying communication and collaboration across offices in various locations and making it easier to keep mobile employees in the loop. However, small and medium-sized charities may feel it’s unnecessary to have an intranet, viewing it as a luxury, rather than a necessity. In fact, the […]

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Vital Components of an Intranet for Charity Organisations

author Carol Mentis, June 20, 2016

Advances in technology over the past decade have made it much easier for charity and non-profit organisations to run their operations smoothly and efficiently. Ten years ago, using the intranet was still a rarity for charities and it was only the larger non-profit organisations that embraced its use. Today, it’s possible for everyone to benefit […]

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Wake Up to the Benefits of E-learning

author Carol Mentis, June 17, 2016

The IT revolution is not only transforming the school classroom, it is also inspiring companies to completely re-think the ways in which staff are trained. In just the same way that primary, secondary and tertiary education have almost fully-integrated e-learning programmes and infrastructures (including bespoke hardware and software), businesses – from global corporations to SMEs […]

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Why You Should Keep Pace with the Latest Intranet Advances

author Carol Mentis, June 15, 2016

Whether you’re running a private sector business, a charity, or a public sector organisation, keeping up with the latest intranet trends is essential for increased efficiency. Thanks to rapid advances in technology in recent years, it’s much easier to install and maintain an intranet. If your organisation doesn’t have one yet, it’s time to take […]

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Intranets for Charities and Non-Profits Awareness Week

author Kerensa Johnson, June 13, 2016

Charities and non-profits are unique and complex organisations. They can range from small, locally run startups managed by people with a passion, to huge global conglomerates overseen by teams of thousands. Workers may be in the office, out in the field, or travelling to far away destinations in order to play their part. And charity […]

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Task Management Software Leaves the Old Days in the Past

author Carol Mentis, June 10, 2016

Large enterprise companies used to require an army of people just to make sure that the army of people were on point. The administrative side of the business was simply massive and their main job was to ensure that the actual wealth creators were up to date, nothing had been missed, and all the paperwork […]

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Should Software Vendors Force Upgrades onto Customers?

author Kerensa Johnson, June 8, 2016

In light of the recent controversy where Microsoft forced users to upgrade to Windows 10 without consent, it got me thinking about the dilemma that both software vendors and their consumers face when a new version is released. From the customer’s point of view, if they don’t want to upgrade their software, because it works […]

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How Intranets for Banks Can Deliver Business Value

author Carol Mentis, June 6, 2016

Not all financial institutions and banks are the same, but their intranets can follow similar patterns. It’s far from being a case of “one size fits all”, but rather that all financial intranets share the same goal of being user-friendly and easy to navigate, while delivering value for money. By enabling employees to have up-to-date […]

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Are ESNs like Yammer and Slack Even Useful?

author Kerensa Johnson, June 3, 2016

Corporate social networking is big business, and has been growing in prominence since the late ‘00s. The demand for companies to incorporate apps such as Yammer, Slack, and our very own Claromentis Innovate, indicates that the trend for social working is increasingly high. Indeed, the whole concept of social intranets shows no sign of slowing […]

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