Project Management Tips and How to Manage Change for Digital Workplace or Intranet Projects

author Carol Mentis, May 22, 2017

As the influence technology has on organisations continues to grow, there are increasing benefits to the digital workplace, but there are also increasing challenges. Mobile technology has enabled true mobility in the digital workplace, but it has also changed our working habits – and not always for the better. Despite the ever-increasing number of technologies […]

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Attention, Relevance, Confidence & Satisfaction: Enhancing Motivation in E-learning

author Carol Mentis, May 19, 2017

E-learning is an efficient and effective way to deliver training through your digital workplace and social intranet software, and it’s easy to assume that learners will engage with and be motivated by e-learning simply because it takes them out of standard classroom-based learning models. However, it’s also much easier for an e-learner to terminate their […]

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Your SME Needs Task Management Software – Here’s 8 Reasons Why

author Carol Mentis, May 15, 2017

Running a small to medium-sized business can be a challenge. From recruiting the right talent to financial management, setting KPIs and monitoring performance to having the right technology, it’s packed with hurdles. However, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t be worried about, it’s your intranet software. This cloud-based platform helps you to turn your SME […]

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Why You Should Develop an Effective Enterprise Digital Strategy

author Carol Mentis, May 12, 2017

Imagine a world in which your office isn’t constrained by walls or even borders. Where both employees and customers can be linked at all times to your products, services, and their digital workplace, able to access files or information, or print documents automatically from wherever the nearest device might be, including those they hold in […]

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9 Benefits of Business Process Management

author Carol Mentis, May 8, 2017

Business Process Management, or BPM, is a methodology that is adopted by businesses. Although it is not simply a piece of technology, it can be facilitated using effective and efficient BPM software. It does require the support of employees as well as the backing of management. You can incorporate BPM into your intranet software for […]

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How to Choose the Right Project Extranet Software

author Carol Mentis, May 3, 2017

If you run projects that involve collaboration with multiple third parties, or with project team members based in satellite offices in different parts of the country or around the world, you will need a private online network. In order to facilitate this network you will require project extranet software. The right project extranet software can […]

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How to Drive Intranet Adoption Within Your Franchise Business

author Brett Dixon, April 21, 2017

Implementing an intranet in your new franchise business is a great idea in theory, but the concept will only be successful and add value to your operation if you can persuade your employees to adopt and use it. Make your company intranet name memorable Your first challenge is to persuade your employees to associate your […]

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5 Tips for Building a Phenomenally Powerful Intranet

author Brett Dixon, April 21, 2017

For more than a decade, intranets have been a pivotal element to business communications. The odd thing about them is that their arrival occurred before the age of enterprise social media and the social networking epoch that is now all the rage. Many might question whether intranets are on their way out in the face […]

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Some of the Many Ways HR Can Benefit from Using Social Intranet Software

author Brett Dixon, April 13, 2017

Recent years have seen the move to a more digital workplace, accelerating the trend for remote working and causing the number of home workers and freelancers to grow exponentially. This has meant that HR departments have had to adapt and change accordingly in order to utilise the increasing accessibility to new talent and skillsets. Maintaining […]

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6 Ways to Encourage Corporate Social Networking Within Your Company Intranet

author Brett Dixon, April 12, 2017

The modern company intranet can be used as a place to share information as well as being a vehicle for providing it. Social intranet tools can perform various functions, from providing content that readers like and comment on, to form completion, employee micro-blogging, project team collaboration, and group participation in discussions via forums. So, how […]

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