Define your collaborative model and break out of the digital silo

author Brett Dixon, February 23, 2017

Ask any worker where they collaborate online and the chances are they’ll name their specialised system whether that’s an ESN or a customer service platform. Arguably, the greatest benefit of the digital workplace is the freedom and flexibility to collaborate across silos, sharing information and insights using social intranet software. This democratisation of knowledge and […]

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Digital curation: does your digital workplace support your mobile workforce?

author Brett Dixon, February 22, 2017

With the disruption of traditional work hierarchies, the rise of the inter-generational workforce and an ‘always on’ business culture, the 9-5 is being supplanted by a flexible working model. In the UK, 12 million workers currently enjoy flexible work patterns, with another 8 million indicating that they’d prefer to work from anywhere, anytime. Flexibility is […]

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How intranets are beneficial for remote working

author Brett Dixon, February 16, 2017

If you have employees within your company who work from home on a remote basis, you may need to consider an intranet system to make sure all employees, whether internal or external, are able to work closely together to produce the results your business depends on. There are many benefits to purchasing intranet software if […]

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The personal technologies that will drive your digital workplace in 2017

author Brett Dixon, February 14, 2017

As the digital workplace continues to come of age, the technologies driving it are increasingly employee-facing to allow users to exploit information, be productive from anywhere and to enable users to actively create their own bespoke and silo busting digital workplace. 2017 will be the year when the employee experience becomes paramount. Exploiting information The […]

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How small charities are being shaped by their digital workspaces

author Brett Dixon, February 9, 2017

There are some 200,000 charities in the United Kingdom – the majority of them small organisations providing invaluable services in their local communities. The third sector may be more important than ever, but the financial pressures of today’s economic climate and the realities of running a small organisation on, at times, a shoestring budget mean […]

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Employee engagement – Why does it matter?

author Brett Dixon, February 7, 2017

From micro businesses with one member of staff to massive global companies with thousands of employees – a business is built on people. Your employees are your strongest advocates, and they can be your greatest resource. Whether your employees are sat next to each other in the office, or you have a digital workplace with […]

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How healthcare institutions can benefit from intranet software

author Brett Dixon, February 3, 2017

If you’ve not heard of it already, the ‘intranet’ is essentially a private or restricted communications network that relies on the Internet, which can be accessed remotely by anyone with working log-in details. It is employed in many businesses, schools and universities as a secure way in which employees, staff or students can collaborate, communicate, […]

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How an intranet system can change your HR department

author Brett Dixon, February 3, 2017

If your HR department doesn’t currently have an intranet system in place, you’ll be very unaware of just how much it can help your business. Ranging from improving communications to building team morale, streamlining processes to boosting efficiency, it is the hub you need in your office. A digital workplace may seem daunting but adapting […]

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How to improve your workplace efficency

author Kerensa Johnson, January 26, 2017

There is a lot to be said for an efficient and effective workplace. In fact, there’s a saying that goes – ‘efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things’. In the workplace, trying to establish systems that allow for both will help to improve employee satisfaction, boost sales, save time and cut […]

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Why is task management software packed with business benefits?

author Kerensa Johnson, January 25, 2017

In the modern day, an essential part of the digital workplace offered by the latest intranet software is a task management function. Quite simply, it could a provide a bigger boost to operational efficiency for your business than any investment which you make. If you are keen to know how your performance metrics could be […]

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