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Top 5 Corporate Intranet E-Forms

Intranet e-form and workflow building tools help businesses to capture data, automate processes, eliminate paperwork and save time through increased efficiency. We’ve shared some common intranet e-form examples along with a general description of how the workflow could be set-up. Don’t forget, if you were to create your very own e-forms and workflows, they would […]

Employee Engagement: Why Communication is Key

Despite starting its life as a management buzzword, employee engagement has continuously grown in both importance and relevance in organisations over the last decade. There isn’t a universally recognised definition for the term ‘employee engagement’ but a study commissioned by the UK Government in 2009 titled ‘Engaging for Success’ concluded that it’s a workplace approach […]

What is an Intranet?

In the most basic sense, an intranet is an internal productivity tool insulated from the global internet and available to an organisation’s predefined group of stakeholders.  In their youth, intranets delivered limited information management functionality and were seen as ‘push platforms’ in relation to corporate communication. Over the last decade, intranet portals have evolved dramatically […]

5 Ways a Workflow Management Solution Can Save you Money

Workflow Management Solutions are used to streamline organisational-wide processes to effectively reduce costs and increase business efficiency. If you’d like to implement a workflow management solution and are unsure of the potential cost benefits you’ll experience, here are our top 5 ways you can save money: Audit Trails for Compliance Compliance is a critical component […]

Key Intranet Features for Schools & Universities

The Claromentis Intranet Solution offers Schools and Universities the following key features: Intranet Collaboration Tools for Daily Staff Briefings and Notifications News articles and other intranet collaboration tools can be used to quickly create and distribute staff notices and announcements. The ability to assign permission rights to news channels effectively allows for certain news articles […]

8 Features your Intranet Must Have in 2014

We have put together a list of our top 10 intranet features for 2014; narrowing down our top features wasn’t easy! This list will offer some useful guidance to organisations planning a new intranet in 2014 or scheduling improvements on their current intranet. Learning Management System Retaining and sharing employee knowledge through the creation of […]

Intranet Advice on the Claromentis Intranet Community

We have launched our new Intranet Community and it contains helpful intranet articles and advice. You may be planning to deploy a new intranet in 2014, or perhaps you’d like to improve your company’s existing intranet – either way, you’ll find some useful tips on our Community.     Top Intranet Community Articles: Cloud Hosting […]

How To Deploy Secure Intranet Software

A critical aspect of successfully deploying a new intranet within your organization involves the selection of secure intranet software.   If you’re planning on deploying intranet software, take a look at our key intranet security features below:  Built-In Permission Engine It is important to choose an intranet software platform that has a built-in permission engine […]

Intranet Software Can Transform Your Business

You may be struggling to derive organizational-wide benefits from your outdated intranet, or you may be unsure of the potential benefits of introducing a new intranet, either way, intranet software can transform your business.  Offer Employees a Digital Workspace The term ‘intranet’ has managed to continuously adapt and take on new meanings as we’ve moved […]

Closing Date for the First Phase of the Claromentis Intranet Scholarship Scheme

The first phase of our intranet scholarship scheme, which is open to all undergraduates, closes at midnight on Sunday 24 November, 2013. If you’ like to win a cash scholarship of £500/$750 simply tell us your ‘next-generation’ intranet idea, enhancement or functionality. View information regarding our intranet scholarship or download our scholarship pack.