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How to Create Engaging Intranet Content

This blog post has been written by Claromentis Co-Founder and Information Architect Michael Christian. I had a meeting with a customer who is both an intranet and internal communications manager; the topic of how to create more engaging intranet content came up and after much discussion, we agreed that it’s down to one simple method: […]

6 Ways to Introduce a New Intranet to your Team

You’ve sat through demos, conducted months of research and gained final approval from the management team and now it’s official; your business is getting a new intranet.  Job done, right? The reality is that there’s much work to be done to reduce resistance to change and to encourage adoption. The impact of failing to create […]

Claromentis Open Studio Sessions

We’ll be teaming up with Brighton Digital Festival to host three open studio sessions at our office on the afternoon of Friday 26 September 2014. The Brighton Digital Festival is the UK’s largest festival of digital art and culture and offers a diverse programme of events, conferences and exhibitions throughout the month of September – […]

Collaborate on the go with the Intranet Mobile App

Our iOS enterprise social networking app enables intranet users to stay connected with their colleagues while attending off-site meetings, travelling and working from home.   Key features of the app include: Social Sharing – instantly post updates, links and images on the go Collaboration – engage with colleagues in real-time and discuss projects User Responses – reply to […]


Benefits of Choosing a Cross-Platform Intranet

Our Managing Director Nigel Davies explains why an intranet bridges the gap between platforms by reducing dependency on a single platform. Being a cross-platform provider essentially means that we support deployment on Windows and Linux servers – while our data abstraction layer allows us to support both MSSQL and MySQL as the main underlying database. […]

Top 10 Tips to Train New Intranet Users

Intranet training initiatives come in many forms and the process of training users can seem like a daunting task, particularly for organisations with a significant number of employees. The following suggestions and ideas can therefore be deployed for new starters or to help employees get to grips with their newly launched intranet. These ideas will […]

7 Intranet Ideas & Tips to Engage Employees

It’s generally accepted that happy workers tend to be more productive, which in turn produces greater output and increased revenue. But how can businesses keep employees happy and engaged? Here are 7 top tips for creating a motivated, engaged and productive workforce through the use of your business intranet: Recognise Hard Work with Enterprise Social […]

Green Intranet Initiatives for your Business

Introducing green initiatives into your business is an important step in creating an environmentally friendly work environment. Equally important is ensuring your employees are engaged and on board. The following intranet tips will help support your green business initiatives: Freecycle Intranet Forums The non-profit Freecycle movement is a global initiative that prevents reusable items from […]


3 Questions to Ask at Every Intranet Meeting

This blog post has been written by our Information Architect and Co-Founder, Michael Christian.  I recently had a meeting with a prospective customer who was discussing the idea of starting a new intranet project. The reality is that the organisation has an intranet as well as a wide range of SaaS (Software as a Service) […]

How to Plan & Launch a New Intranet

Follow the 10 steps below to successfully plan and launch your new intranet: Step 1. Understand & Capture Employee Needs and Requirements The starting point for any new intranet project is to understand and capture employee needs and requirements. Before conducting intranet vendor research, you should have a strong understanding of employees’ needs as this […]