The Importance of Corporate Blogs

author Carol Mentis, December 14, 2016

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If you’re looking for a great resource that enables everyone in the digital workplace to share and communicate, blogging on your corporate intranet is ideal. As well as your CEO sharing the organisation’s corporate goals and message, the blog can be a two-way communication system, also allowing comments from employees.

Everyone can benefit from blogging – an effective resource for directors, teams, project groups, and individuals. Of course, it’s important to have security options, ensuring that content is seen only by employees who have rights to do so. It’s also crucial to have comment moderators to keep an eye on the responses.

When properly managed, blogging can be an excellent resource that encourages communication and collaboration between all sectors of the workforce.

Business leaders and blogging

Today’s CEOs are realising that being a successful leader isn’t just about profitability and shares prices. The modern business climate, particularly with advances in the digital workplace, needs effective communication.

Blogging puts a human face to the organisation and ensures that external stakeholders and employees are kept in the loop by the corporate intranet. Adding and regularly updating a “message from the CEO” to your intranet improves company communication, engages employees, and enhances the company’s reputation.

Customising blogs

The corporate intranet normally has a pre-built blogging application that makes it easy to start adding content. However, it’s preferable to customise its features to provide a personal touch, changing the settings to create your own unique blog.

Some of the main features that can be customised are the design settings, enabling post approvals, and archiving. As bloggers become more familiar with using the intranet, a number of personal blogs, each with their own distinct flavour, can be produced, getting away from a uniform, corporate feel and providing a human touch.

Encouraging collaboration

Collaboration on the intranet can reduce the number of routine company meetings by encouraging teams and project groups to communicate digitally. Blogs visible to specific team members can be created, where they can contribute by posting comments and adding their own views.

Enabling post approvals ensures everyone can have their say, while one team member can be responsible for monitoring content so that it doesn’t breach company guidelines.

Overcoming challenges

Despite the majority of employees enjoying reading blogs, research has shown that only 5% are currently blogging themselves on the intranet. Studies have shown that despite there being more than 16,000 blogs on the intranets of those organisations surveyed, they were all written by around 900 people.

Yet there are many benefits of employee blogs, both for individuals and the company as a whole. One suggestion for inspiring staff to create their own blog posts is to connect blog writers with readers by sharing topics of interest.

Using social media tools can allow readers to make suggestions, via the intranet, for blogs that they would like to read. Employees who have a particular interest in a subject can “ask for a blog post” from their peers. The topic can be automatically routed to those staff members who will be most likely to write about it. When a blog is posted as a result, the person who requested the topic is automatically notified.

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