Digital Workplace Trends to Pay Attention To in 2019

Digital Workplace Trends to Pay Attention To in 2019

As we reach the close of 2018, it is always a good time to start looking at how you run your business and the different things that can be done in order to make it more efficient and innovative for the year ahead. With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at seven key digital workplace trends for 2019.

Our top 7 digital workplace trends for 2019:

Data authenticity will climb up the corporate ladder

There is no denying that data is the currency that all types of businesses are utilising to reach their ambitions. However, there is a real concern, and this is the use of data that has not been verified.

A recent study conducted by Accenture revealed that 79 per cent of organisations agree that they are basing their most vital strategies and systems on data, yet they have not invested in the capabilities to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the data.

If those involved in analytics do not take the required verification steps, this could spell disaster for any business because their decisions could be based on a lie.

This is why we are likely to see data authenticity take on greater prominence throughout 2019, and why it’s made our list of digital workplace trends for next year. Companies will use machine learning to verify the authenticity of data they have gleaned from employee engagement, smart spaces, and applications.

Digital workplaces are becoming smart

Companies today are looking for ways to take their digital workplace strategy to the next level so that they can create a brand that makes them stand out from competing businesses.

Forward-facing companies are going to take a more holistic stance in 2019. They will bring together IT, lines of business, finance, HR, and facilities to craft a cohesive strategy, which negates the expensive silos of the past and drives inclusion while enriching culture.

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We are seeing clients make massive savings in energy costs by adopting this holistic smart space strategy. This is because they are evaluating data from multiple sources on cooling, heating, weather, and building occupancy.

Space utilisation is being improved through workplace analytics

Analytics and machine learning also play a critical role when it comes to optimising space utilisation. The cost of any space that a business rents now reflects on their balance sheets because of changes in accounting regulations. This means that a lot of businesses are currently searching for ways to lower their office space footprint while still ensuring high levels of efficiency and employee satisfaction.

To understand where people are and how they are operating together, progressive businesses are using sensor and Wi-Fi data combined with data from room-booking and collaboration apps. Instead of going down the route of video conferencing, some companies are even creating physical collaboration hubs, and as a consequence, they are seeing reduced expenses and heightened engagement.

Applications are getting more intelligent

You may not be surprised to see this on the list, as the app market is taking leaps forward. We are going to see more applications gathering input from users in 2019, enabling users to make their own changes to functionality so that their business processes are streamlined and their personal user experience is improved.

A skinned down UX

One of the biggest digital workplace trends of 2019 will be the emergence of a skinned-down user-specific interface (UX). This is in an attempt to make the interface easier to use on all of the devices that workers use today. This will be particularly felt at large corporations, where there is a greater diversity in the devices used.

Employee engagement and empowerment are going to be a huge focus (again!)

Once again, employee engagement makes our list of digital workplace trends. Throughout 2019, we are really going to see companies focusing on engaging and empowering employees. IT teams especially are going to make a concerted effort to speak to workers across various cultures and geographies so they can better understand how tech can empower their everyday lives. Some of the key areas they are going to be asking about are as follows:

– The areas of compliance they and their managers must be aware of
– Where and how they access the content they need
– How they go about collaborating as part of a team
– The various tasks each individual performs

Behavioural analytics are key

Behavioural analytics are going to play a huge role in empowering and engaging people. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain insights, IT can ensure any staff member is aware of the applications and tools that are going to deliver everything they need to carry out their job function.

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting progressions ahead for digital workplaces in 2019. Make sure you capitalise on them.

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