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"the system is excellent, the support is excellent,..." Nectere 2015

Intranet Software Solutions

Stand-alone intranet software or a fully integrated digital workplace

Intranet Software Platform

Create better communication and collaboration for your business needs

Business Process Platform

Streamline your business process with e-forms & workflows using BPM

Learning Management Platform

Motivate your staff with E-learning, training events and employee training records

Project Management

Create and manage projects with status, progress, tasks, e-forms and workflows and resources.

A fully integrated solution but each platform is available separately.

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Brighthouse Babcock The North Face Guggenheim
NPR Sunpower Ebay Molex
Stonewater Virgin Care NHS Doylestown

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Client Testimonials

Claromentis has made significant improvements over the last 2 years with the implementation of a project management team. Well done!
David Norfolk | Testimonial
David Norfolk
The intranet has drastically transformed how we behave as a company, we're using Infocapture for a vast number of areas, in fact every department has a request form of some description.
Matthew Tate | Testimonial
Matthew Tate
Wireless Logic

Our vision is to create a powerful, integrated and beautiful digital workplace incorporating Intranet software, business process management, learning management and project management platforms to revolutionize the way your company actually works.

Claromentis Intranet Software provides all industry sectors with a scalable platform that grows and evolves with the needs of your business. With offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia, Claromentis are a global leader in Intranet Software.

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Kerensa Johnson | Blog Author
Claromentis in the Cloud Supports Active Directory and SSO

We strive to offer our customers a completely flexible intranet solution, so that we can deliver a comprehensive service which meets individual business needs specific to their unique internal infrastructure...


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