Intranet User Engagement Through an Activity Desk Concept

author Nigel Davies, April 2, 2012

The Claromentis custom design team continue to produce outstanding designs for web platforms for our customers. Really individual, really fit for purpose. Inspiring stuff.

But for this post I just wanted to look at one of our playground intranet designs – so a design that we provide potential customers with so that they can use the software on a cloud server and get to know it’s capabilities. It is an abstraction – not specifically based on any actual company but reflecting the requirements of a certain type if intranet customer – one that likes our corporate social media application and also business processes to get things done quickly and efficiently.

The design is shown below :

In my view it is a great starter design – with some news channels prioritized to a central slider for greater visual impact, normal news channels for regular internal communication updates, corporate social networking using our innovate application and of course completely flexible components that can be added as required – like in this case “What’s New”.

But the subject area for this post today is the top right area – the three rows of icons that we think illustrate some of the great themes of modern intranet software and web platforms. Lets take a zoomed in look at this functionality:

This area is encouraging me – as a user – to participate, to make a difference.  So  we have from top to bottom :

  1. Fast access buttons – permission based – guides the user towards applications that based on their company role should be beneficial for them. These can be Claromentis applications, other web apps integrated through our support for single sign on, or any simple area such as an image album that might be of interest. Gateway access to relevant cloud and internal applications is certainly raised in many of our intranet launches.
  2. An attractive applications slider
  3. A badged series of icons where company processes that need my attention are presented to me. So here I can see that there are no Health and Safety issues that need my input, but there are 5 support tickets and 9 sales leads that do.

These kind of interfaces encourage and guide me, in real time, to where I can make a difference. They are really becoming powerful, and are available throughout the Claromentis 7 platform.

They are completely customizable and make a significant difference to the way the web platform is used by your users in your company.

Naturally in your own intranet, the processes will be yours and what BPM projects appear on the Activity Desk is completely configurable.

What do you think? Are real time activity areas helping your users to engage more with the web platform?