A Powerful Digital Workspace For Your Business.

A Business Software Framework for Companies.

Offering Organisations a Complete Digital Workspace

Our comprehensive intranet platform contains a range of productivity enhancing applications and social features with the option of adding a Learning Management System, Business Process Management module and Sales Management application. Our intranet platform can be further extended through custom development using our API.

Intranet Software with Business, Collaborative and Social Apps

The Claromentis intranet portal acts as a secure information management system as it includes applications such as document management, corporate social networking, social project management and collaboration tools.

Business Process Management for Eforms & Workflows

The Business Process Management module can be purchased as a stand-alone module or as part of the Claromentis intranet software platform. We will work with you to develop your concept, and build a process to fit your requirements. 

Build Bespoke Functionality through Custom Development

Bespoke functionality and applications can be created using our API. Our comprehensive intranet framework makes this process efficient, and our custom development team is available to help build bespoke solutions for you.