Intranet Features

Automatic Intranet Notifications

Stay in the know with automatic notifications

The Notification application facilitates real-time communication amongst employees through the deliverance of internal messages. Furthermore, automatically generated system alerts are dispatched to employees with the appropriate permission settings. The communication method and frequency of which users are alerted can be customised for each application.

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Internal messaging

Internal messages are sent directly to the assigned employee’s inbox system on their corporate intranet, once received the message can be responded to, deleted or forwarded. The email archive can be fully searched and filtered.

Intranet Notifications

Application notifications

System generated notifications can be sent to an employee’s email address or intranet inbox – depending on their preference. Notifications can be automatically deleted after a specific time frame to reduce the time spent by employees filtering their notifications. Specific settings can be applied to each individual application to reflect the individual preferences of each employee.

Intranet Notifications

Notification digest

Rather than receiving sporadic notifications, employees can opt-in to receive a concise summary of notifications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These collective notifications can be issued from specific applications, chosen by the receiver.

Intranet Notifications